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Reviews on all the Hylamide Products by the Deciem Addicts

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The Core Series by Hylamide

Hylamide Reviews
The Hylamide Set with everything you need. Cleanser, hydrating mist, face and eye serum, perfect for those wanting an easy and complete skincare routine. An extra 20% off when you buy the complete set.

Hylamide Sub Q Skin Reviews

A really lovely serum that targets a multiple of skin concerns including fine lines, wrinkles, surface hydration, dynamic lines, textural irregularities.

I absolutely love this serum. It left my skin feeling really hydrated all day and I didn´t feel the need for a moisturiser on top.

Hylamide Sub Q Eyes Reviews

A really lovely serum for the eye area that targets puffiness and dark circles.

Hylamide High Efficiency Face Cleaner

A face cleanser that cleans like an oil but doesn´t leave your skin oily. Removes makes, hydrates, cleanses and purifies pores.

Sub Q Mist Reviews

SubQ Mist, a hydrating mist that has Tasmanian Pepperberry in which reduces signs of inflammation and of redness, leaving the skin feeling calm and comfortable.

Low Molecular HA Reviews

The Hylamide Hyaluronic serum with 5 forms of hyaluronic compounds with varying molecular weights that helps with surface rehydration for a plump, youthful and comfortable skin appearance

Booster Sensitive Fix

This is a serum that targets skin sensitivity to reduce signs of irritation and redness.

Hylamide Booster Glow Reviews

Fast-acting Booster creates a radiant backdrop to the skin while a fermentation-derived leto-sugar builds a golden glow within 2-3 days. Glow targets dullness, lacklustre skin and uneven tone.

Hylamide C25 Reviews

The Hylamide Vitamin C. Concentrated and completely stable 25% Ethylated Vitamin C booster offers a fast-tracked approach to a visibly radiant, healthy-looking skin tone.

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Hylamide Booster Pore Control Reviews

Hylamide Pore Control is a fast-acting multi-functional serum to reduce the looks of pores (number and surface), shine, congestion and dermal impurity.

These are the “Finisher Products”

Deciem have a great chart making it easier to choose which Hylamide Finisher product is best for you and your skin. Click here.

Hylamide Photography Foundation

Click to read more about Hylamide Photography Fluid products and watch the video which explains all about them.

Hylamide Photography Foundation is next-generation foundation is designed specifically to make the skin look better for the camera lens while blurring away imperfections in real life.

Hylamide Pore Delete Reviews

Pore Delete is an ultra-concentrated low-viscosity liquid prisms offer instant super-strength visible blurring of pores, shine and fine lines for a perfect-looking skin surface right away—with or without makeup.

Hylamide HA Blur Reviews

This is a blurring product which can be used under, on top of, or mixed with your foundation for a flawless, blurred looked.

Hylamide Matte 12 Reviews

Matte 12 gives you a matte and pore free finish for up to 12 hours. Can be used alone or on top of your liquid foundation.

What is Hylamide?

Hylamide is the Deciem Brand that sits between The Ordinary & NIOD. It´s a great brand that doesn´t get mentioned enough in the Facebook Group. I´ve only used the Core Series so far and absolutely loved it. SubQ Skin is an amazing serum that targets most signs of ageing and leaves skin hydrated for hours.

What is the shelf life of Hylamide?

On the side of the bottles will be a little sign saying 6m or 12m. This means that once opened you should use the product within 6 months or 12 months. Deciem generally say unopened bottles have a shelf life of 2 years.

Is Hylamide Cruelty Free?

Deciem say that the Hylamide products are cruelty free. If you go to each of the product pages you will find a chart with lots of information which includes the ph balance, if it´s suitable for vegans, contains silicone, water free or oil free.

What is a good Hylamide Routine?

If you´re looking for a routine just using Hylamide, then I would suggest starting with the Core Series Set which has everything you need to start off with. Then you could incorporate some of the other products. You can always ask Deciem for a specific Hylamide Routine.

Hylamide Reviews
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