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Deciem Knowvember & Black Friday

Deciem Knowvember

Throughout November 2020, not only is it Black Friday for the whole month with 23% off everything Deciem but it´s also Knowvember. Everyday throughout Knowvember, Deciem will be sharing their knowledge to help us make good choices when buying skincare.

Here’s the Knowvember schedule. Some links will take you directly through to the Deciem You Tube Channel.

Read all about Deciem Black Friday 2020 here and how to use The Ordinary here with lots of brand new regimens & routines.

Week 1Week 2
1stHello KNOWVEMBER8thSensitivity
2ndSkintellectual Series Congestion9thDecoding Deciem
3rdThe Ordinary – A Beginner´s Guide10thBehind The Bottle with Prudvi Kaka
4th Congestion11thDullness
5thNicola Kilner´s At Home Regimen12th Science of Skincare with Abnormal
6th The Ordinary Pocket Regimen Guide13thThe Lab Mixer
7th Virtual Store Consultation14th Haircare with Deciem
Week 3Week 4
15thSkintellectual Serius Signs of Ageing24thSensitivity
16th Vitamin C Masterclass25thAMA with Prudvi Kaka
17th Deciem Debunks26th TikTalk Q&A Surprise
18thSigns of Ageing Routine27thPressing Pause
19thThe Chemistry Brand28hThe architecture of NIOD MMHC2
20thTik Talk Q&A Surprise29thAntioxidants
21stNiacinamide30thLearning with happiness
23rdLive from the Lab – Over exfoliation