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Deciem March News – New Deciem Website!

Latest Deciem News

Within a week of the big Estée Lauder news (read all about it here), we have seen the launch of SHOP, the Deciem Store Fragrance for the home and a new website.

March 1st 2021, Deciem launched its brand new website. You can now build your own skincare routine, and there are other great new features, including an address book.

The New Deciem Website

Due to the change of the website, some features are either missing or currently not working.

New Exciting Features On The Deciem Website

  • The Ordinary Regimen Builder
  • An address book has been added
  • Postcodes are automatically in the system

Features Missing / Issues

  • Reviews – Reviews have now been added to the website. You can find lots of reviews here.
  • Can´t log in – If you are already registered on the Deciem website, click “reset password”. Check your email and follow the link back to Deciem.
  • Pay Pal. This feature will be added to the website soon.
  • Order History – The order history is currently missing but do not panic! I have received emails/deliveries, yet no orders are showing on the site.

The Deciem Skincare Regimen Builder

Finally, we can build our very own regimens online. It only takes a couple of minutes to do. You will be asked for your name, age, skin concerns, and what type of products you prefer.

You will then be given a morning and evening regimen, and you can click “add regimen to basket” and buy it all in one go.

Here’s a quick look at some of the questions you will be asked for your personalized regimen.

New Deciem Website

Building a regimen on PC/LapTop

  • Go to the Deciem website
  • Click brands
  • The Ordinary
  • Click Regimen Builder at the top

Building a regimen on mobile

  • Click the 2 lines top left of the Deciem website
  • Brands
  • The Ordinary
  • Click Build My Regimen or just click the button below.

Deciem Website – Address Book Now Added

If you’re someone like me who is always sending gifts, you will love this new feature. When you log in, you can now add all your favourite people to your address book.

Payment – No Pay Pal Yet

At the moment there is no way to pay with Pay Pal. Only by credit card. I understand that this will be added sometime this month.

Address/Postcodes Automatic

Address/postcodes are now in the system. This will save a lot of time manually adding addresses.

The Ordinary, NIOD, Hylamide Products Layout

The layout for the products of The Ordinary, NIOD, and Hylamide has changed dramatically. It all seems complicated at the moment because it´s new. There doesn´t seem to be any particular order for the products so you need to use the filter option.

You can now search products by;

  • Skin Concern
  • Active Ingredient
  • Category
  • More filters include; product type, product requirement, format, and time of use.

Using the active ingredient filter I feel is the most familiar way to look at products.

The Ordinary Regimen Builder

I wonder what else we will see this month!

The Ordinary at Space NK

March 23rd, Space NK launched The Ordinary. You can now buy The Ordinary online at Space NK and soon, it will be in the stores.

If you want to shop other brands, skincare, haircare, makeup, fragrance, body and bath all in one shop, Space NK is a brilliant choice. Brands at Space NK include Charlotte Tilbury, Dr Dennis Gross, Medik8, Tom Ford and Murad.

At Space NK, you can book an online consultation about skincare, makeup, even choosing a new fragrance. It looks like such a great service.

There is free delivery on orders over £40/50$ or £4/$7 standard delivery (UK)