How To Layer The Ordinary

The idiot’s guide to layering The Ordinary You’ve just received all your products, you’re super excited to start your new skincare routine but you have no idea how to layer The Ordinary. Well, you’re not alone, and I really hope this page makes it a little easier to understand. How To Layer The Ordinary Layering skincare products should be applied from the thinnest / clearest to the heaviest / opaque.  I suggest you mark your products 1, 2, 3, 4 when starting out.  It´s all about layering the products so they are able to penetrate the skin. The Ordinary Product Solutions There are 5 different types of solutions (bases) Water Anhydrous Suspension Oil Emulsion Deciem Recommend Layering The Following Way Water based solutions first Anhydrous or oil formulations Emulsion / cream Suspensions, now this is the tricky one!  Some say suspension before emulsion / creams, some say after.  Deciem have mentioned that Vitamin C 23% should be applied after Natural Moisturising Factors but in some answers, they have said before. See what suits you and … Continue reading How To Layer The Ordinary