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The Ordinary Discount Codes, Promos & Coupons – June 2024

June 2024 – The Ordinary Discount Codes & Promo That Work!

Hello! Welcome to Deciem Chat Room. This page has just been updated to include the latest The Ordinary discounts, promos, and coupons for June 2024. Directly at The Ordinary and authorised stockists.

Why Buy Direct From The Ordinary?

  • Free Delivery on orders over 25€$.
  • Best selection of products.
  • No worries or concerns about fake/counterfeit products.
  • The Ordinary are normally very good at resolving any order issues.
  • The 365-day refund policy is only at The Ordinary Direct.

The Ordinary Discount Codes – Stockists

Below, you can find a chart with all the different stockists, and you may find discounts of 10%-25% off The Ordinary.

The Ordinary Promo, Coupons & Discounts at Authorised Stockists

Why you should join our Facebook Group

We recently had an exclusive code to celebrate Deciem´s 11th Birthday. 20% off everything for The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room Facebook Group members from April 10th 2024 to April 25th 2024.

Another time, we had 20% off from July 17th 2023 to July 31st, and we also had an exclusive code for 20% off to celebrate reaching 200,000 members.

In November 2023, we had the most amazing opportunity of visiting Toronto HQ for the very first in-house event for the launch of the newly formulated Hyaluronic Acid.

Make sure you´re a member of the Facebook Group to avoid missing out on discounts and events. If you´re not on Facebook, sign up for the Deciem Chat Room newsletter to hear about the latest news and offers.

The Ordinary Promo Code Influencer

Occasionally, influencers are given exclusive discount codes, and it would probably be best to try to find them on Instagram. Our Facebook Group has been given exclusive codes for 20% off numerous times, so make sure you are part of the Facebook Group, The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room.

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Previous The Ordinary Discount Codes From The Ordinary

These are some of the previous discounts direct from The Ordinary.

  • Free Shipping for the Soothing & Barrier Support Serum for a limited period in June.
  • 20% off The Ordinary & NIOD For Facebook Group Members – JOIN NOW
  • 35% off The Future Set throughout April 2024
  • January 15th – January 31st 2024 NIOD copper peptides 50% off
  • Free delivery on every order in November for around 2 weeks.
  • November Sale – Free Multi-Peptide Eye serum for a limited period
  • November Sale – Free NMF + HA for a limited period
  • November 23% off sitewide throughout November
  • 50% off NIOD CAIS & NIOD CAIL throughout Slowvember
  • Free Buffet with every order (US & Canada only) Oct/Nov 2023
  • August 8th – September 8th 2023 10% & 15% off The Ordinary
  • Free shipping on any order of The Ordinary
  • 20% off everything for Deciem Chat Room Facebook Group Members 20% from July 17th to July 31st 2023
  • Free Glycolipid Cream Cleanser when you buy 1 serum and 1 moisturiser until June 25th 2023.
  • 40% off Buffet due to the name changing to Multi-Peptide + HA Serum
  • 23% off everything at The Ordinary & Deciem from June 13th – 23rd 2022
  • 20% off for the members of The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room Feb/March 2022
  • 20% off The Ordinary Glycolic Acid
  • 20% off The Ordinary AHA 30%

Stockists with regular The Ordinary discounts

Escentual Beauty The Ordinary Discounts

Escentual Beauty is based in the UK, and occasionally, they offer 20% or 25% off everything site-wide, including The Ordinary.

ASOS The Ordinary Discounts

ASOS often offers 15%- 20% off and occasionally includes The Ordinary. As ASOS has many different sites for each country, discounts will vary, so you need to sign up for their newsletters.

Cult Beauty – The Ordinary Discounts

Cult Beauty offers 10% off your first order, which normally includes The Ordinary. If you have already ordered, you could try using another email address. Shhh :).

My Tips To Getting A Discount

  1. Join The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room Facebook Group
  2. Sign up for newsletters.
  3. Sign into your accounts on the website – you might be given a special offer as a member.
  4. If you add items to your basket but do not purchase immediately, you might receive a reminder email from the company that may include a discount code.
  5. Check the latest influencer posts on Social Media and see if anyone has a special code.
  6. Check pop-ups on websites where they might offer you a discount.
  7. Be careful of Promo Websites. The codes generally do not work and may redirect you to unauthorised websites.

The Ordinary Discount Codes

Google says, “Save 30% off The Ordinary.”

Coupon/promo websites offer codes for up to 30% off The Ordinary. From experience, these coupons do not work because The Ordinary does not offer discount codes to these sites. Once you click the link, you might be redirected to the Deciem website or pushed through to unauthorised stockists like Amazon or eBay.

Does The Ordinary offer student discount codes?

The Ordinary does not offer student discount codes, but you might find them at other stockists like ASOS and Beauty Bay. You can also save money by joining specific student websites.

Does The Ordinary offer free delivery?

Yes, The Ordinary offers free delivery on orders over 25€$ or 30$AUD. In some countries, the minimum spend is $250$. If you live in a country where the minimum spend is over $250$, try getting together with a friend or two. Many members of the Facebook Group find themselves buying through unauthorised stockists and then worry their products are fake.

The Ordinary Valid Discount Codes

Is there an Ordinary Store near me?

The Ordinary has stores in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. The Ordinary and other Deciem brands are also sold in department stores like Hudson Bay & Other Stories, Boots, Ulta, Fenwicks, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Myer, Priceline, and many more. Find a Deciem store near you.

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Where should I not to buy The Ordinary from?

My personal advice is not to buy from Amazon, eBay, etc. Many Facebook Group members have purchased from these sites and worry that the products may be counterfeit. Even if the products are authentic, you have no idea how they have been stored or for how long.

Why The Ordinary isn’t discounted as much as NIOD

The Ordinary is already well-priced, so it’s rarely discounted. However, as mentioned above, we have seen more discount codes in the last year than in the last few years. Ensure you are part of the Facebook Group to keep up with the latest discounts.

Does The Ordinary have sales?

The Ordinary normally has a Black Friday Sale in November, offering 23% off everything sitewide

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