The Ordinary Products Conflicts Guide

The Ordinary Conflicts – Apart from all the confusing names and how to layer The Ordinary, you also need to understand The Ordinary and Deciem products that should not be used in the same routine. Some products conflict and may cancel one another out, and some shouldn´t be used together as they may cause irritation. I have listed the conflicts in one column to be safe and avoid irritation. The Ordinary Conflicts Please see all information below this chart that explains why some products should not be used in the same routine. Updated 29th September 2021 * Deciem has updated their conflicts chart. The latest changes are to avoid Peptides with Resveratrol & Ferulic Acid, only use one antioxidant in a routine, and avoid Niacinamide with Vitamin C Derivatives. You will see products that conflict and products that could cause irritation. I would avoid products in the conflicts and warning columns, particularly if you are new to skincare. I would also advise you to patch test or at least take it very slowly when you … Continue reading The Ordinary Products Conflicts Guide