Video of the beautiful shop (from outside), packaging and bottle. Avestan can ONLY be purchased at the store and is not available online or anywhere else.

The Avestan Shop Address

The Avestan shop is at 73 Beak Street, London W1F 9SR.

The Shop Opening Hours

The Avestan Shop is open Monday to Saturday from 11 AM to 7 PM and 12 PM – 6 PM on Sundays.

Price & Size

Avestan comes in a 50ml bottle and currently costs £38.



About Avestan

Avestan was created by Brandon Truaxe, the founder of Deciem, who sadly passed away on 20th January 2019.

Message from Deciem

Our late founder, Brandon, once said that AVESTAN was his soul.

As a team, we have remained committed to holding AVESTAN in the place where he left it, with the store Brandon designed being the only place to experience the brand globally. The untouched space at 73 Beak St, London W1F 9SR, UK, represents his journey of craftsmanship and has become home to a single AVESTAN fragrance.

“It began in the presence of things decidedly unworthy of much admiration in the world of aromas: coated clay vats filled with argan oil, earthly walls of a typical village abode and the mud that had formed on my bare feet having crossed the river that bordered the township of Asni in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. I had been aware of my inner fascination with aromas for years, but it was this moment that caused me to discover the intensity of my absorption.

More about Avestan

I had often been told by masters of the field that aromas reconnect us with our past experiences. And that it is through this journey in the mind that we establish whether or not we find an aroma pleasant and to what depth. Standing in the almost aroma-neutral abode, I became aware of an aroma. An aroma so faint, yet so intense, that it abridged the argan oil, the clay walls, the mud, the village, the river, the place, the moment – and, most notably yet, an aroma that did not connect me to a distant memory and instead created an elucidation of something unfamiliar.

Avestan is the embodiment of this pleasing unfamiliarity. It is a deviation from familiar notes that move us through the pas
t, an exploration of the untried, a journey to create new meaning through scents. It is a departure from lavender and rose to an unfulfilled journey of unfamiliar notes: clays, stems, saps, places and moments. Avestan is an avant-garde play on nature – one that disallows the mind to identify but creates instead a welcomed occasion to explore.”

– Brandon Truaxe


Unfortunately, you cannot purchase this at Deciem stores. You can buy The Ordinary & NIOD, with free delivery on orders over 25€$ 30$AUD to most countries. You can find The Ordinary reviews here and NIOD reviews here.