The Ordinary General Signs of Ageing Regimen Guide – Anti-aging Routine

Signs of Ageing Regimen

The Ordinary Signs of Ageing | Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine

The new easy skincare regimen for general signs of ageing. The Ordinary has put together this regimen using just 4 of the most popular products from The Ordinary. You can find lots more skincare routines here, and don´t forget you can build your very own skincare routine on The Ordinary website.

This is what your Signs of Ageing routine will look like;

MorningSqualane Cleanser | Buffet | Natural Moisturizing Factors | SPF
EveningSqualane Cleanser | Buffet | Retinoid |

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The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser

Squalane Cleanser

A quick look at The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser

  • Available in 2 sizes, 50ml & 150ml
  • This is a fabulous cleanser and make-up remover.
  • Squalane Cleanser starts out with a white creamy consistency. Once rubbed between your palms, you will see and feel it change into a clear oil. This could take anything from 10 to 30 seconds.

Other Deciem Cleansers

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide + HA Serum (Buffet)

Multi Peptide Serum + HA (BUFFET)

A quick look at Multi-Peptide + HA Serum (Buffet)

  • Multi-Peptide Serum HA targets multiple signs of ageing and firming
  • Use morning and evening
  • Available in 2 sizes. 30ml & 60ml

Other Similar Products

Natural Moisturising Factors

Natural Moisturising Factors

Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion

A quick look at Granactive Retinoid 2%

  • Targets general signs of ageing and textural irregularities.
  • Best used in the PM
  • 30ml

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Signs of Ageing & The Ordinary | Anti-Aging

What does signs of ageing look and feel like? 

As we age, our skin loses collagen and elastin and becomes drier. Ageing skin has wrinkles and folds. It becomes thinner, less elastic and has less volume. There is more pigmentation, and skin tone becomes uneven.

Which The Ordinary products should I be using for ageing skin? 

  • The Ordinary Mineral UV Filters SPF 30– Sunscreen is the single most effective preventative treatment for ageing.
  • Retinoids. Granactive Retinoid or Retinol can improve all signs of ageing.
  • Vitamin C. Any of the Vitamin C products could improve the signs of ageing, The Ordinary has a great selection, 23% Vitamin C Suspension, 30% Vitamin C in Silicone, 100% Ascorbic Acid Powder.
  • Buffet. Buffet and the other peptides, Matrixyl and Argireline can rebuild lost collagen and help firm the skin.
  • Glycolic Acid Toner. Glycolic acid has good evidence to show that it can improve skin texture and reduce wrinkles

Which products should I avoid?

There are no specific products to avoid if you’re trying to treat ageing. Any product or ingredient that flares up inflammation within your skin should be avoided.

The Ordinary Skincare Routines

Find lots more of The Ordinary Regimens here, including Dehydration, Pigmentation, Rosacea and Textural Irregularities. There´s a new page with lots of personalised routines that have been sent to the members. If these set regimens aren´t suitable for you and your skin, ask Deciem for a regimen.

Signs of Ageing Regimen