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NIOD Conflicts Chart

NIOD Conflicts Chart

The NIOD Conflicts Chart / Cheat Sheetall the NIOD products, conflicts, targets, solutions, when and how to use, sizes and current prices on one sheet.

The NIOD Cheat Sheet

*Please note this chart is correct at the time of publishing and please link to this page rather than a screenshot. NIOD is regularly updating information, so please always check the official product page before using a product.

NIOD Conflicts – NIOD Products You Can & Cannot Mix

Finally, NIOD has updated its website and has listed the NIOD products you can and cannot mix. However, the information does conflict with the advice previously given. On individual NIOD product pages on this website, you can find lots of information in the FAQs and specific questions regarding mixing certain products.

NIOD Conflicts Chart

Products listed as “conflicts” are best used in alternate routines, for example, one in the morning and one in the evening or on different days. Whilst some say “no conflicts”, always patch-test products first. Flavanone Mud has no conflicts, but I find it quite strong; therefore, I only use gentle, hydrating products after using it.

NIOD Conflicts

How To Layer NIOD

It is best to follow the instructions on the NIOD product/box, which clearly tells you where to place the product within your skincare routine, particularly if you are using other NIOD products. You can also check the product solutions mentioned and use How To Layer The Ordinary Chart.

NIOD Beginners Guide

You can find a quick guide to NIOD here with all the products, how to use and NIOD reviews here.

NIOD Best Sellers

You can find the Top 10 best sellers by NIOD here. The top ten may vary from country to country.

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NIOD Reviews – NIOD reviews by the #deciemaddicts

You can find NIOD reviews here and polls by the #deciemaddicts. I also encourage you to join The Ordinary & NIOD Chat Room Facebook Group to find more independent reviews and also check @deciemchatroom on Instagram.

NIOD PAO (Period After Opening)

Most of the NIOD products should be used within 6 months of opening. You can find The Ordinary & NIOD PAOs here.

The Ordinary Products You Can & Cannot Mix

You may find this page with all The Ordinary products you can and cannot mix helpful too.

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Signs of Ageing Regimen

Top 10 Ordinary Best Selling

The Ordinary Best Sellers

The Ordinary Product You can & Cannot Mix

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to NIOD

NIOD Guide

How to Layer The Ordinary

NIOD Conflicts and Targets

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