The Ordinary & Deciem Regimens & Routines

The Ordinary Regimens

If you’re new to The Ordinary, looking through The Ordinary regimens will give you a good idea of the type of products you should be looking for.

If you´re new to skincare, buying a complete regimen will save you a lot of time, money and stress.  However, if you feel these regimens do not suit your skincare needs, you can ask Deciem for a personalised regimen.

There´s a huge post in the Facebook Group where the Deciem Addicts have added their own personalised regimens from Deciem.

Browsing through all these routines will give you a good idea as to how many products to use, which ones to use together and for what type of skin concern.

You can find a list of all The Ordinary products, targets and conflicts here.

The Ordinary General Signs of Ageing Regimen

Signs of Ageing Regimen
The Ordinary Routine for Signs of Ageing
MorningCleanse | Buffet | Hyaluronic Acid | SPF
EveningCleanse | Buffet | Retinoid | Rose Hip Seed Oil

The Ordinary Pigmentation Regimen

The Ordinary Regimen for Pigmentation
The Ordinary Regimen For Pigmentation
MorningCleanse | Alpha Arbutin | Niacinamide | MAP | SPF
EveningCleanse | Alpha Arbutin | Azelaic Acid

The Ordinary Dehydration Regimen

The Ordinary Products for Dehydration
The Ordinary Dehydration Regimen
MorningCleanse | Hyaluronic Acid | Natural Moisturising Factors | SPF
EveningCleanse | Hyaluronic Acid | Squalane

The Ordinary Look of Blemishes and Congestion

The Ordinary Regimen for Look of Blemishes & Congestion
The Ordinary Regimen for Look of Blemishes & Congestion
MorningCleanse | Niacinamide | SPF
EveningCleanse | Salicylic Acid | Niacinamide

The Ordinary Textural Irregularities – Read More

Textural Irregularities Regimen
The Ordinary Regimen for Textural Irregularities
MorningCleanse | Azelaic Acid | SPF
EveningCleanse | Gycolic Acid | Retinoid 2% or 5% in Squalane
AHA 30% solution is a treatment. Use no more than twice a week for 10 minutes

The Ordinary Rosacea Regimen – Read More

Rosacea Regimen
The Ordinary Rosacea Regimen
MorningCleanse | Hyaluronic Acid | NMF | SPF
EveningCleanse | Azelaic Acid

The Ordinary Oily Skin Regimen

The Ordinary Oily Skin Regimen
The Ordinary Oily Skin Regimen
MorningNiacin amide | Natural Moisturising Factors | Silicone Primer (optional | SPF
EveningSalicylic Acid | Niacinamide

The Ordinary Routine For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Regimen
The Ordinary Sensitive Skin Regimen
MorningHyaluronic Acid | Natural Moisturising Factors | SPF
EveningSqualane | Natural Moisturising Factors

More Skincare Regimens

The Ordinary Routine for Ageing & Wrinkles

MorningBuffet | Natural Moisturising Factors
EveningGlycolic Acid | Buffet | Retinoid 2% | Rose Hip Seed Oil / Squalane | AHA 30% Peeling once a week

The Ordinary Routine For Blemishes & Congestion

MorningSalicylic Acid | Niacinamide
EveningSalicylic Acid | Azelaic Acid | AHA 30% Peeling (once a week)

The Ordinary Beginner Ageing Routine

MorningHyaluronic Acid | EUK 134 | Natural Moisturising Factors
EveningHyaluronic Acid | Granactive Retinoid 2% | Natural Moisturising Factors

The Ordinary Intermediate Ageing Routine

MorningBuffet | Hyaluronic Acid | EUK | NMF
EveningBuffet | Hyaluronic Acid | Granactive Retinoid 2% | NMF

The Ordinary Advanced Ageing Routine

MorningBuffet + Copper Peptides | Hyaluronic Acid | EUK 134 | NMF
Evening Buffet + Copper Peptides | Hyaluronic Acid | Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane