NIOD NEC Reviews

  • 59% of the Deciem Addicts love it
  • 57% have seen an improvement
  • 54% will repurchase it
  • Currently scores 4.1/5 on the Deciem Website
  • Targets visible skin elasticity
  • Signs of necklines
  • Slackness
  • Sagging.⁣

NIOD NEC reviews (Neck Elasticity Catalyst reviews) by the Deciem Addicts, the people who have bought, tried and tested. Deciem Chat Room is an independent platform for people with different skin types and concerns to talk freely about the products, the good and the bad. These polls featured on Instagram Stories for 24 hours.

NIOD Nec Reviews

What does NIOD NEC stand for?

NIOD stands for Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science. NEC stands for Neck Elasticity Catalyst.

NIOD NEC – What is it?

Deciem says: As we grow older (and wiser), our necks are not an exception to the effects of ageing caused by loss of volume, elasticity, and overall decreased integrity of the skin. ⁣ NIOD’s Neck Elasticity Catalyst (or NEC for short) was specifically designed to offer a very highly focused and singular effort on the increase and protection of visible skin elasticity to, in turn, counteract the persistent signs of necklines, slackness, and sagging.⁣

NIOD NEC comes in 2 sizes, a 50ml jar, and a 100ml tube. Colour and texture is a bit like honey without the stickiness.

What does NIOD NEC do?

For more detailed information please visit the NIOD website.

  • Counteract the persistent signs of necklines, slackness, and sagging.⁣
  • This multi-stimulatory direct form is able to increase the look of dermal
  • Increase and support the look of skin density and viscoelasticity while reducing the appearance of persistent textural irregularities
  • Aims to reduce the appearance of lax skin by protecting elastin within the skin to promote a taut appearance.⁣
NIOD Nec Reviews

How and when do I use NIOD NEC

  • NIOD NEC can be used in the morning and/or evening
  • It can be applied to the neck and lower face areas.
  • If you are using other NIOD products, NIOD NEC will come last unless you are using any heavy creams.
  • Example CAIS + MMHC + NEC. Check The Idiots guide to NIOD.
  • Patch testing is highly recommended.
  • Always check the Deciem website for ingredients and more information.

Does NIOD NEC have any conflicts?

Deciem says NIOD NEC has no conflicts.

What is the PAO of NIOD NEC?

The PAO is 6M. Once opened, this should be used within 6 months.

What is the texture of NIOD NEC?

As you can see in the video, it’s a cross between honey and jelly.

NIOD NEC Reviews & Unboxing NIOD NEC

You can read more reviews on the Deciem website where it currently scores 8.3.

Tracy 48 years old with dry ageing skin
Another lovely product by @deciem, NIOD NEC Neck Elasticity Catalyst. I am 48 years old with dry ageing skin and am definitely self-conscious about my neck area.

When I had the opportunity to grab a jar, I was all in and had very high hopes. The texture is that of a jelly. It’s thick and comforting. I love the experience of massaging the luxurious texture into my skin. I find it has a pleasant scent, although I have read some reviews saying it was chemically. In either case, the scent dissipates quickly. I have the jar, which would ideally require one of NIOD’s spoons for maximum efficiency. I am on my second jar, and while I still have “jowl onset”, the crepey lines are definitely smoother. It takes dedication… I try to remember to use it morning and night. I will definitely be keeping this in my lineup in my fight to keep my old-lady neck at bay. 


These FAQS have been answered by Deciem on Social Media.

Would NIOD NEC go before or after Rose Hip Seed Oil?  We would recommend NEC as your final step in your routine.

The smell of NIOD Neck Elasticity Catalyst is quite strong. What is it?  None of our skincare products contain artificial or added fragrance so any scent you are detecting is a natural result of the ingredients. 

Are there any products that conflict with NIOD NEC.  There are no conflicting products with NIOD NEC.

Will NIOD NEC work once the sagging around the neck is more visible or does this have to be used like prevention? NIOD NEC offers protection of visible skin elasticity which in turn counteracts signs of persistent skin deformation (necklines), slackness, and sagging.

I am curious about what makes NIOD NEC specifically for use on the neck. Can it be used on other parts of the body? This product has been specifically formulated and tested for use on the neck and lower half of the face. If you wish to use it elsewhere, we recommend applying a small test patch before proceeding.


Does NIOD NEC help against necklines caused by looking down on smartphones? NEC does help to improve the appearance of persistent necklines, yes.

Is NIOD NEC safe for nursing/pregnancy? While each ingredient has been tested and is considered safe for topical application, DECIEM products have not been tested on pregnant or breastfeeding women. We suggest consulting with your physician to see what may work best for your skin.

Do you recommend NIOD NEC to be used on the cheeks/jawline for early jowls?  Yes, we would recommend using this product on those areas of the face!

Final Thoughts on NIOD NEC

NIOD Nec Reviews

59% of the Deciem Addicts love NIOD NEC. 57% have seen an improvement and 54% will repurchase it. NIOD NEC needs a lot of love and consistency. This product should be applied every day, twice a day, and massaged for at least 30 seconds. Before you splash out on this, do you have the time and the patience to do this every day? It’s so easy to buy it and say a product doesn´t work if you haven’t been consistent.

Where to buy NIOD

You can buy NIOD direct from Deciem or one of the many authorised stockists. You can save up to 22% off NIOD with Deciem Chat Room discount codes.

NIOD Guide

Save up to 22% off NIOD with Deciem Chat Room Discount Codes