The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Reviews

The Ordinary AHA 30% Reviews
The Instagram Polls ran for 24 hours and a whopping 93% of the Deciem Addicts LOVE ❤️ The Ordinary AHA 30% Peeling Solution

AHA 30% Reviews

Are you wondering what everyone truly thinks about The Ordinary AHA 30% Peeling Solution? Look no further, because we have the AHA 30% reviews by the Deciem Addicts, the people who have bought, tried and tested. This product has always been one of the favourites of the Deciem Chat Room which I think is clear to see by the results of the polls.

  • What is The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2%?
  • What does The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% do?
  • Which products do The Ordinary AHA 30% conflict with?
  • How and when do I use AHA 30%?
  • Reviews of The Ordinary AHA 30%?
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  • Price of AHA 30% 7.20$/€ | £6.30 | 14.30$ AUD

What Is The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% & What Does It Do?

This is a “treatment” product which you leave on for a maximum of 10 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acids, BHA stands for Beta Hydroxy Acid.  AHA’s exfoliate the top surface of the skin leaving it brighter and ultimately giving you a more even appearance, whilst  BHA’s go deeper into the pores  which is great for congestion and blocked pores. As this product targets the top surface and goes deeper into the pores it makes it a fantastic product for the exfoliation of the skin.

It contains Tasmanian Pepperberry derivative which can help reduce irritations that can be caused by acid use.  It also contains other ingredients like cross polymer which is a form of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5 which helps with healing and black carrot which works as an antioxidant. It’s no wonder this product is so popular with the Deciem Addicts.

  • Brighter skin.
  • More even complexion.
  • Good for congested skin.
  • Fights blemishes.
  • Improves texture.
  • Can reduce the look of fine lines.

When using acids like this one, think logically. If you had a cut on your hand, would you squeeze lemon juice onto it? No! So if your skin is sensitive, peeling or compromised in anyway, please do not use this product. Deciem recommends Azelaic Acid if you are a beginner to skincare and acids, and Mandelic Acid if you have sensitive skin.

Deciem’s Simple Explanation 🧪 For experienced users of Direct Acids, AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution might just be the one for you. As a 10-minute exfoliating facial, it offers efficient chemical exfoliation of the skin to target dullness and textural irregularities, with the aim of improving visible skin radiance with continued use. This formula also incorporates a Tasmanian pepperberry derivative to help reduce signs of irritation associated with acid use. Due to the high concentration of free acids, we would not recommend using this formula on sensitive, compromised or peeling skin. ⁣⁣⁣

The Ordinary AHA 30% Reviews
A huge 90% of the Deciem Addicts say their skin has improved using The Ordinary AHA.

How & When Do I Use The Ordinary

This product is a treatment that should only be used once or twice a week for up to 10 minutes at a time in the evening. Start with cleansed, dry skin and apply a thin layer all over your face avoiding the eye area. You will see Instagrammer’s pouring this over their face which I do not recommend. Apply using your fingers and be in control of the application of this product.

If you’re new to skincare, leave this on for one minute and build your way up to 10 minutes. You might be tempted to leave it on longer, but this is not recommended. When rinsing off, use lukewarm water taking care to avoid the eye area because this can really sting.

Once this has been washed off, I personally would use something really nice and calming like an oil or natural moisturising factors (NMF) but everyone’s different. Just avoid any conflicting products mentioned below.

Why Shouldn’t I Use The Ordinary AHA 30%?

If you have sensitive skin, peeling or compromised skin then you shouldn’t use this product. However, saying that, I have pretty sensitive skin and have used this product with no problems at all. Do a patch test before applying all over your face to see if you have any reaction. After using AHA, use something calm and hydrating.

Which Products Conflict With The Ordinary AHA Peeling Solution?

According to Deciem, this shouldn’t be used in the same routine as any of the following products:

  • All the direct acids listed
  • Peptides
  • Buffet
  • Matrixyl
  • Buffet + Copper
  • Argireline
  • EUK
  • L-Ascorbic Acid Powder & other strong acidic products

Deciem also suggest avoid using retinol, vitamin c and acids in the same regimen. The can be alternated morning / evening. Always read the official page and instructions before using.

Sun Sensitivity

The Ordinary AHA + BHA can increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun which is why it should only be used at night. When using this, you really must avoid direct sun as much as possible (Deciem say for up to a week) and invest in a really good sun cream.

80% of people had no issues using The Ordinary AHA 30%

Can I use The Ordinary AHA + BHA if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding.

Deciem only mention products containing Retinoid, Retinol and their supplements which shouldn’t be used whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. Whilst AHA is ok to use, BHA shouldn’t be used so please contact Deciem direct and consult with your doctor.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Reviews by the Moderators

Rachael @rachiecandice says: AHA 30% + BHA 2% is the most amazing resurfacing product I’ve ever used. Not to be overused (I only use once ever two weeks) or can cause dehydration, otherwise the perfect peeling solution. 

Jess @sk.insta.story says: I have normal/combo skin (currently on Tret so most Acids are a no go!) The red peel is an amazing resurfacing product. It does make me a little itchy around my nose when it’s on and when I’m not using Tretinoin I would use this maybe once a month as it’s incredibly strong but amazing. 

Nia @niapattenlooks The Ordinary AHA 30% is an amazing product for the price. It gives me baby soft smooth skin in minutes. I find it stings quite a lot when it’s on so I can only tolerate for a couple of minutes. It’s a strong product but it gives immediate results. 

The Ordinary AHA 30% Reviews by the Deciem Addict

You can read more reviews, comments or leave your own review about The Ordinary AHA here (link will take you to the Facebook Group). You can also find some of these comments on instagram and connect with other Deciem Addicts directly.

NNT says:  I give you a 4/5. You sting like hell but only for about 30 seconds. You’ve made my skin so smooth and glowy. I recommend people only use hydrating products after you.

TK says:  I really really wanted this to be a 5/5. And it still could move up to 5/5. I’ve been using it twice a week and now up to 10 minutes. From the comments I’ve read here, I expected my skin to be smooth and glowing because it would get rid of the dryness I get from using Granactive 5%. My skin just looks ok in the morning and my lower cheeks are dry by 2pm and uppde cheeks by 4pm. But I still give it a 4/5. Now, I put on the thinnest layer I can possibly manage.

For me this one is definitely a 5/5😍 i use it twice a week after my double cleanse and i’m in love with this product. After leaving it on for like 10 minutes and rinsing it of, my face feels softer than ever, pores r less visible and the overall look of my skin is super glowy and healthy😍 this is definitely a product that I’ll repurchase 🙈😍

10/10 love this 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Love you sooo much AHA 😁💜💜💜

Final Thoughts On The Ordinary AHA 30%

89% of the Deciem Addicts are going to repurchase The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2%

It’s clear to see that this product is well loved. 93% of the Deciem Addicts LOVE ❤️ this product and 90% have seen an improvement in their skin. 80% had no issues with their skin using this product and finally 89% of the Deciem Addicts will repurchase this product.

Products Similar To AHA 30%

If you´re new to Direct Acids then Deciem suggest using Azelaic Acid. If you have sensitive skin then they suggest Mandelic Acid. The Salicylic Acid Masque is a great product to try and another masque by Deciem is the NIOD Flavanone Mud.

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