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NIOD LVCE Reviews of NIOD Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester

NIOD LVCE Reviews – The NIOD Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester is one of my absolute favourite cleansers. It removes even the most stubborn eye makeup without any effort.

Your 15-Second Summary

  • LVCE stands for Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester
  • This product comes in 240ml
  • It is a makeup remover and cleanser
  • Can be used AM & PM
  • Use with water or apply on its own with a cotton pad
  • Value for Money: 43€ for 240ml

NIOD LVCE Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester

  • Unboxing NIOD LVCE
  • What is NIOD LVCE, and what does it do?
  • When and how should I use NIOD LVCE?
  • Does NIOD LVCE have any conflicts?
  • Size & PAO
  • NIOD LVCE Reviews by the Deciem Addicts
  • FAQS about NIOD LVCE
  • Check the price in your currency here.
  • Other NIOD & The Ordinary Cleansers

Unboxing NIOD LVCE Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester

See the product before you buy. The product, colour, viscosity, bottle and packaging.

What is NIOD LVCE?

Deciem says: LVCE is a skin cleaning system that respects dermal barriers while regulating visible sebum production, cleaning the skin thoroughly, and removing all traces of makeup in a single step. LVCE contains no cleansing plant oils, no detergents, and no water but instead uses isolated sugar and avocado esters to remove every trace of dirt and makeup with or without water. While the skin feels comfortably hydrated after each use, the technologies in LVCE will actually further act as delivery boosters for topical treatments applied after cleaning. 

When and how do I use NIOD LVCE?

  • You can use NIOD Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester in the morning and in the evening. If you have cleansed well at night, you probably wouldn´t use this in the morning. I normally use just water or a very small amount of The Ordinary Glucoside Foaming Cleanser.
  • Apply directly to your face (dry), massage well and then rinse with warm water.
  • There´s no need for water, you could apply directly to a cotton pad if you wish.
  • Many people find they need a washcloth with this cleanser but bear in mind the film this can leave on your skin is intentional.
  • Always patch test. For a full list of ingredients, please check the Deciem website.

NIOD LVCE Conflicts

NIOD LVCE doesn’t have any conflicts, so it can be used with all your products. It is recommended to always patch-test products before using them.

Size & PAO

The size of NIOD LVCE is 240ml. The PAO is 6m.


NIOD packaging is beautiful, and I often use the boxes for makeup brushes and jewellery bits and pieces, so don´t throw them out! The NIOD LVCE bottle comes with a screw-top cap and another applicator inside. It´s very easy to use, and you can really control how much cleanser you use.


I encourage you to read all NIOD LVCE Reviews, the good and the not-so-good, in the Facebook Group and on Instagram. You can also find reviews on the NIOD website. Whilst I personally love this product, there are people who dislike it, particularly the film it leaves on the skin, which is intentional.

Jen: Skin Type Normal – Oily. Concerns Pigmentation, Ageing Congestion.Jen: Skin Type Normal – Oily. Concerns Pigmentation, Ageing Congestion.

NIOD LVCE has fast become my go-to holy grail cleanser. It melts through makeup and SPF magically. It may appear to be pricier than other cleansers with almost everyday use. This lasts me just shy of 6 months, so it is amazing value. I’m on my 4th bottle. One of the most important things I look for in a cleanser (besides great cleansing) is that it does not irritate my eyes like so many cleansers do! Well, LVCE doesn’t and gets a permanent spot in my routine. Word of warning if you have never used this before. It doesn’t feel like a typical oil cleanser. In fact, when you wash it from your face, it feels like a film remains. This actually acts as a delivery booster for other serums you apply once finished cleansing. It’s a beautiful product.

I really love Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester, and it has become essential. I buy it when there are discounts on NIOD, and it lasts forever. People get put off by the residue left after rinsing, but I gather that is supposed to happen and helps the next layers become absorbed.

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I love NIOD LVCE! It easily removes all waterproof and long-wear makeup and sunscreen. It’s the best.

This is an all-time fav of mine, but I totally agree about how large the bottle is. I’ve had mine for well over six months, and I’m not even halfway through it. A little goes a long way!


I love it!! NIOD LVCE is the perfect first step for double cleansing.

NIOD LVCE leaves a film on skin

Some of the negative comments I´ve seen on Social Media are about the film NIOD LVCE Leaves on the Skin.

“Our Low-Viscosity Cleaning Ester does leave a film on the skin. This is a comfortable ester cushion on the skin. This will not clog pores and will help everything applied to penetrate better. If left alone without other topical treatments on top, this cushion will disappear and actually balance (not trigger or reduce) natural sebum production.” – NIOD


1. Does NIOD LVCE go before or after NIOD SS? NIOD LVCE would be used before NIOD SS Sanskrit Sapoinins.

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2. Can NIOD LVCE be combined with a face wash to remove makeup? You certainly can if you wish.

3. Does NIOD LVCE work in a similar way to Squalane Cleanser? Both are wonderful cleansers that help remove traces of dirt and makeup while leaving the skin comfortable, smooth, and moisturized. The consistencies and ingredients of the products differ.

4. Could I apply NIOD LVCE with a cotton pad in the morning without a water rinse? You can if you wish, but we normally do recommend rinsing off with water. 

5. NIOC LVCE contains linalool, which is a horrible allergen. It is an allergen but not an irritant. If you are not allergic to linalool, it is not an irritant. It is used in extremely small amounts. The natural esters used in LVCE have very strong odours that linalool balances out. If you are not allergic to linalool, the % we use in such products is extremely small to cause any form of irritation whatsoever.

6. Is the packaging for NIOD LVCE glass or plastic? Plastic is recyclable.

7. What other cleansers are there from NIOD & The Ordinary? You can find all NIOD & The Ordinary cleansers here.

Final Thoughts on NIOD LVCE

63% of the Deciem Addicts love it.

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The price does seem expensive for a cleanser, but please take into account the size. This is 240ml, and it will last you a long time. Please make sure you read all reviews before purchasing.

You can always find discounts on NIOD with the Deciem Chat Room discount codes.

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