The Ordinary For Men

The Ordinary is an extraordinary brand because it appeals to absolutely everyone. It´s not too old, too young, too fancy, too feminine, too masculine, and certainly not too expensive. It´s a genius brand created by a genius, the late Brandon Truaxe.

Men´s favourite The Ordinary Products

These are just some of the favourite The Ordinary products from the men´s regimens and routines that are featured below.

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The Ordinary For Men

Whether you´re a newbie to skincare or just fancy a change, The Ordinary is a brilliant choice of skincare to play around with. If you´re already quite familiar with skincare and want to step it up another level, then you could look at Hylamide or NIOD.

Men can use all the products from the range, it´s just a case of finding the right ones for you. Think about your skin type and skin concerns first. Are you looking for more hydration or to target some rough areas. Maybe you´re looking for a nice oil for your beard in which case there are many to choose from. Are fine lines and wrinkles starting to bother you? Whatever the skincare concern, there´s a product to help target it.

More and more guys are getting into skincare and we have quite a few in The Ordinary & Deciem Facebook Group, so do feel free to join us and chat skincare, or follow some of the guys on Instagram (featured below).

Which The Ordinary products should I buy my husband/boyfriend?

We have lots of ladies in the group who would love to get their partners a little bit more into skincare and they often wonder which of The Ordinary products they should buy them.

To help you all decide which products to buy, I have asked some of the moderators of the Facebook Group and some of the fabulous guys that follow @deciemchatroom on Instagram to share their personal routines and regimens for you.

Jo: I converted my husband from his Kiehls moisturizer to The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors which is a third of the price. He´ll occasionally use one of my oils for his beard. I have also found an SPF that he loves using.

Nia @niapattenlooks says: I managed to get my husband using a hydrating mist which he still enjoys. He was using Granactive Retinoid for a while and his skin became marvelously soft, but he doesn’t use spf every day so that was that. You must protect yourself! (I’m like a broken record!)

Anna @ok.Ilovethis says: I got my boyfriend to use a gentle facial cleanser, hyaluronic acid, an exfoliating acid a couple times a week, and a moisturizer with SPF. Now it’s become a part of his post-shower routine and it’s easy enough for him to do without me reminding. His skin definitely looks brighter and smoother, so I consider it a major win.

The Ordinary Regimens for Men By Men

Now over to some of the guys from Instagram who use and love Deciem products. I´ve added their Instagram accounts so you can chat with them directly if you would like more information. Please mention that you saw them featured on Deciem Chat Room.

Skincarma says: Everyone, I believe should have access to really good skincare that helps them achieve their healthiest skin — and The Ordinary makes that possible.

As a man, I’m most concerned with my skin texture. Rough skin texture causes so many problems for guys, including dryness, dullness, and maybe worst of all, problems shaving! So cleansing and exfoliation are really important to me. I use the new Squalane Cleanser every evening to wipe the slate clean and clear my skin of grime, pollution, and my morning sunscreen.

Once a week, I mask with the Salicylic Acid 2% Masque which is super messy but also super effective at smoothing skin texture. Once or twice a month I reach for the holy grail power acid treatment, AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. That stuff sure packs a punch!

Connor @connor.moorhouse says: I love a variety of The Ordinary products. They are the main staple in my skincare routine, both AM and PM. Niacinamide is without a doubt my holy grail out of my Ordinary products. It has helped my oily skin massively, although it doesn’t help my acne directly, by targeting my excess sebum and oil, it helps reduce future acne and spots.

Amino Acids is another one that I’ve been using for quite a while. I just love how this feels and the hydration this provides my skin. It just seems to give my skin a whole different look since I’ve started using it. I’ve recently added a new Antioxidant, EUK. I’m excited to see how this performs on my skin, considering I have patches of redness/inflammation which it will hopefully work with.

B oil is my go-to oil, it´s cheap and does the job you want. It helps with my overall skin complexion, and I also love to apply it to my beard. It leaves it feeling ridiculously soft, better than anything I used before.

Natural Moisturising Factors is my moisturizer at night, I wake up and find that any irritation I have is reduced most of the time, stopped being itchy as well. I find that this is a good ‘thick’ moisturizer that I know I can safely use over my acne-prone skin and will not trigger it, in fact, it even sometimes helps the redness of my acne.

The Ordinary & Deciem for men

I hope this makes it clearer and easier to decide which products to buy. Before splashing out money on lots of products for your partner, share some of the ones you´re using already. You can´t force someone to change their ways overnight. You will only get annoyed otherwise when the lovely gift you bought for him stays in the box. Don´t forget you can also ask Deciem for a regimen.