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The Ordinary Quick Starter Guide – Beginner’s Guide To The Ordinary

The Ordinary – Your Quick Starter Guide

Are you feeling totally confused? Don´t worry—you are not alone! It can be confusing, particularly for those just starting out with a skincare routine. I know you´re super excited to buy The Ordinary, but before you do, spend a little time reading this page. I guarantee it will save you time, money, stress, and possibly skin.

The Ordinary Starter Guide

Impatient? Here´s Your Quick 30-Second Guide

  • The Ordinary product names are basically the ingredient names of skincare. You may have bought a pot of cream with hyaluronic acid, peptides, hydration, and probably fragrance. By using The Ordinary, you are totally in control of what you put on your skin; best of all, it´s fragrance-free!
  • Work out your skin type and concerns. Is your skin dry, oily, normal or a combination? Do you want to target hydration, fine lines, or pigmentation? Be realistic about how many concerns you can target with a product.
  • If you buy lots of products, you may find they conflict! Check The Ordinary product conflicts first. It can be like going to your wardrobe, and nothing goes! Buy a complete regimen.
  • Apply a few drops to cleansed skin, allowing each layer to be absorbed before applying the next.
  • Stick to the AM & PM routine for a good few weeks.
  • Patch-test the products before using, and when you start to layer products, take note of how your skin feels.
  • Once you are more confident, you can then start to add some more products like a masque.
  • Less is more!
  • Enjoy your new skincare journey, and don’t forget to join us in The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room Facebook Group.

The Ordinary Quick Starter Guide

The Names of The Ordinary Products

The Ordinary products’ names are basically the names of the ingredients and the percentages. You have more than likely used them already in your other skincare products. The beauty of The Ordinary is that you can pick and choose what you put on your skin.

The Ordinary is so confusing.

If you find it all confusing, the easiest thing to do is build your own skincare regimen or one of these skincare routines. If you do not buy a complete regimen, you may spend hours scrolling through the website and Facebook Group posts, becoming totally overwhelmed and spending more money than you really need to. You´re also likely to buy products that conflict with that could cause irritation to the skin or possible allergic reaction.

Skin Type & Skin Concerns

Think about your skin type and concerns.

Skin types are oily, combination, normal, dry etc. If you don´t know your skin type, have a look at The Ordinary products for every skin type here. Skin concerns include acne, pigmentation, rosacea, lines and wrinkles, melasma, eczema, and many more. Be realistic about how many skin concerns you can tackle at once with a serum.

The Ordinary for different skin concerns

I created a chart listing all the skin concerns and the best The Ordinary product for each.

Choosing A Regimen – The Ordinary & NIOD

You’ll find lots of different The Ordinary & NIOD Regimens here plus many personalized regimens the group members have been sent by The Ordinary. Browsing through these will give you a good idea about which products to use together and how many to use in one regimen. The Ordinary does not recommend more than 3 serums in one routine.

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The Ordinary Regimens

How To Layer The Ordinary

Read all about Layering The Ordinary here, where you can see all The Ordinary products arranged by their different solutions; Water, Oil, Anhydrous, Suspension & Emulsion. The general rule is from the thinnest / clearest to the thickest / opaque. This is an important step so each product can penetrate the skin.

The Ordinary Product Conflicts

The Ordinary conflicts mean that you should avoid using certain products together in the same routine. They may cancel each other, or they could cause irritation. You can use them in alternate routines AM/PM, or on different days. This chart lists all The Ordinary conflicts. Always check the official pages and instructions on the Ordinary website, as these are often updated.

The Ordinary Products You Can & Cannot Mix

The above shows you the products you cannot use, and this chart shows all The Ordinary products you can and cannot use together. Remember, just because you can use certain products together doesn´t 100% guarantee they will be okay for your skin. Always patch test.

The Ordinary You Can & Cannot Mix

Cleansers The Ordinary & NIOD

A good cleanser or two is really important because it´s the foundation of your skincare routine, so you want something that´s going to leave your skin really clean. We have hundreds of posts in the Facebook Group all about cleansers. Just search #cleansers #doublecleansing. There are now 3 Ordinary cleansers and 2 NIOD Cleansers The Ordinary & NIOD Cleansers.

Sun Creams – The Ordinary & NIOD

It is really important to use sun cream every day and reapply when needed. You should avoid direct sunlight when using these products, especially the acids, retinols, and retinoids. We have hundreds of suggestions for sun creams in the Facebook Group, and  I´m sure we can find the perfect one for you. Deciem has the NIOD Survival Range, S10, S20 & S30 and also The Ordinary Sun Creams in Factor 15 & 30.

The Ordinary Reviews

When it comes to reviews, the truth is that some people will love a product, some will hate it, and some will think it´s just ok. You may have your favourite influencer who loves a product, but are they the same age as you? Do they have the same skin type and concerns as you? Read reviews by the Deciem Addicts, the people who have bought, tried and tested. You may even find someone with similar skin to yours. The Ordinary Reviews.

The Ordinary Pilling & Flaking 

When you start using your products, you might find you have ´bits´ or ´pilling´. This is more than likely the product, not your skin, so do not panic. You can read all about why The Ordinary pilling occurs here.

Keep it Simple 

Use The Ordinary regimen builder to ensure all the products can be used together. Don’t buy too many products of the same solution (water-based, emulsion) or category (acids, antioxidants, etc.), and stick to the same routine for a few weeks for the best results.

Don’t be surprised if there are only 2 or 3 products in a routine. That’s fine. Don’t forget an SPF during the day.

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Why Start Slowly?

If you use 3 products for the first time and your skin reacts, how will you know which product caused it? That’s why it´s recommended that you introduce one product at a time.

Patch Testing

The Ordinary & NIOD recommend patch-testing in case of allergic reactions. We have received a few posts in the Facebook Group from members who have unfortunately had reactions to some of these products, as you can with any brand. The majority of people don´t patch test, but you have been warned!

The Ordinary Regimen Page

If you read one page, please make sure you read the Deciem Regimen Page. It´s so important to know which of The Ordinary & NIOD products conflict, which products should only be used in the evening, and how to layer. It´s also important to read the product pages before using them. They explain how to use the product and whether it is nut-free, vegan, oil-free, water-free, silicone-free, gluten-free, or cruelty-free.

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