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NIOD Voicemail Masque Reviews

Unboxing NIOD VM Voicemail Masque

NIOD VM Voicemail Masque

Voicemail Masque is a leave-on masque and targets the following;

  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Textural Irregularities
  • Signs of Ageing
  • Dullness

NIOD VM Niod Voicemail Masque

Everything you need to know about NIOD VM Voicemail Masque before purchasing.

  • What is NIOD Voicemail?
  • What does it do for your skin?
  • When and how to use NIOD VM
  • NIOD Conflicts
  • PAO of NIOD VM
  • Smell, colour, and texture of Voicemail Masque
  • Photos and videos of NIOD VM
  • Reviews of NIOD VM
  • Where to buy NIOD VM
  • Size: 50ml Jar. Check the price in your currency here.

NIOD VM Reviews

NIOD VM Reviews

What is NIOD VM?

In short

Voicemail Masque is a nighttime leave-on masque treatment that fights many signs associated with impaired cellular communication. NIOD VM is suitable for all skin types.

Long Version:

Living cells communicate with one another, and this cellular communication is an essential aspect of life and health. Cellular communication breaks down with age and under stressful conditions, and this breakdown directly impairs the youthful appearance of the skin, resulting in dullness and a compromised tone. Topical formulations today focus on the functions of specific skin cells, but the communication between healthy cells itself is largely overlooked. 

Voicemail Masque is a nighttime leave-on masque treatment that fights many signs associated with impaired cellular communication. The formula is a suspension of plant stem cells from mountain flowers and narrowleaf plantain, as well as highly-purified polyphenols rich in hydroxycinnamic acid from oregano leaves. The suspension medium comprises advanced adaptive silicones that lengthen dermal exposure timeframe, supported by a fractionated spectrum of molecular weight (instead of a specific one) of hyaluronic acid, just as naturally found in the body. The result is skin that looks healthy, well-rested, bright and uniform from the very first use. 

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NIOD Voicemail Masque Targets;

  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Textural Irregularities
  • Signs of Ageing
  • Dullness

NIOD VM Conflicts

Currently, there are no conflicts with this product. You can find a list of NIOD conflicts here

My initial thoughts

Firstly, I was really surprised by the consistency. It´s like caramel without the stickiness or a runny version of NIOD NEC.

I will be trying this out over the next few weeks, adding it to my NIOD routine twice a week. They’re not wrong when Deciem says in their instructions that this needs to be massaged into the skin for 20-40 seconds. This really does take time to sink in. If you´re someone that can´t be bothered with all the massaging, don´t buy it!

When and how to use NIOD VM

  • NIOD says to use this twice a week
  • Use it at night time only
  • If you use this alongside other NIOD products, apply CAIS/MMHC first and then apply a thin layer of this masque over the entire face.
  • Avoid direct eye contact.
  • Avoid applying thicker cream formulations on top of VM.
  • Massage for about 20-40 seconds. This REALLY does need time to massage in!
  • Do not apply other products over VM.
  • Do not rinse off until the AM.
  • VM is not recommended for very oily skin types.
  • VM should not be applied on peeling or irritated skin.

More photos of NIOD VM


The period after opening is 6 months. This is really spreadable, so I would think this would last you a good few months.

Smell, colour, and texture of NIOD VM

There is a smell, and it reminds me of medicine I took as a child. Someone else mentioned they could smell pizza. Our senses are different; I´d love to know what it reminds you of. The colour is, as per the photos, a rich caramel colour. The texture is silky, smooth, oily, but not sticky. After applying this, my skin and fingertips feel very slippery but not oily or sticky (if that makes sense). It´s a strange one to describe!


One of the members of the Facebook Group mentioned that this can stain the pillows due to the pigment. You may wish to use an older pillowcase on the nights you use this.

Reviews of NIOD Voicemail Masque

59% of the Deciem Addicts on Instagram love it

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Voicemail Masque currently scores 4.5/5 on the NIOD website.

See what others are saying about it on Instagram.

Don´t forget to join the Deciem Addicts in the Facebook Group, The Ordinary & NIOD Chat Room.

Where to buy NIOD VM

Buy direct at NIOD or at one of the many authorised stockists worldwide.

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