NIOD HV Reviews Hydration Vaccine Reviews

Unboxing NIOD Hydration Vaccine

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NIOD Hydration Vaccine Reviews

  • 68% of the Deciem Addicts love it
  • Currently scores 4.5/5 on the Deciem website
  • Available in 2 sizes, 50ml & 100ml
Hydration Vaccine Reviews

NIOD Hydration Vaccine Reviews

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  • Available in 50ml & 100ml. Check the price in your currency here

NIOD says

Adaptive Hydration Seal for the Skin that Helps Protect Against Moisture Loss

A “breathing”, adaptive hydration seal for the skin that helps protect against loss of Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) and supplements the skin’s own moisturizing factors. NMF, primarily composed of amino acids and minerals, is the skin’s natural barrier against water loss. In effect, protection from loss of NMF is the first defence line against protection from loss of hydration (water). This novel approach stands in sharp contrast to moisturizers that offer oils and lubricants as a method of hiding dehydration instead of respecting the skin’s own barrier to water loss. This supplementation of NMF within the skin is so effective that it can help the skin look up to 20 years younger—purely by increased natural water content. 

How to use NIOD HV

Apply a small amount of Hydration Vaccine all over the face. This would be applied after your serums, for example, NIOD CAIS and MMHC2. If using this in the morning, apply this before other creams and sun creams.

When to use NIOD HV

You can use this in the morning and evening. I personally only use this at night.

NIOD Conflicts

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Photos of NIOD HV 50ml

Hydration Vaccine Reviews

Hydration Vaccine

Photos of NIOD HV colour and texture

NIOD Hydration Vaccine Reviews

These are just some of the comments on the Instagram post. Join the chat, and leave your own review. You can find more reviews or post a question in The Ordinary & NIOD Chat Room Facebook Group and also check the reviews on the NIOD website here.

I love it! Use it every night after layering serums. The texture is weird – reminds me of Neck Elasticity, actually – but it does melt into the skin once you warm it up between palms a bit.

It felt like smearing silicone but was hard to spread over the face, which made me use double the amount. Didn’t give me any breakouts, but I’m not prone to them or cause any irritations. It didn’t do anything. There are a lot of other cheaper moisturizers on the market with better texture and results. Similar to their neck cream, but I liked NIOD NEC one better than HV.

Colour, Texture & Smell of NIOD HV

The colour is a very light caramel colour. There is a scent; I can’t quite put my finger on it, although it does remind me a little bit of Play-Doh (if you remember that). The texture is a bit like NIOD NEC but leaves your skin more matt than dewy, and the skin feels super smooth after.

NIOD Reviews

  • 68% of the Deciem Addicts love it
  • Currently scores 4.5/5 on the Deciem website

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Where to buy NIOD

You can buy NIOD directly through Deciem or find NIOD discounts of up to 25% off at some of the authorized Deciem stockists.