NIOD – The Beginner´s Guide To NIOD

The beginner´s guide to NIOD. NIOD can be so confusing with all the acronyms and long-winded explanations, but once you break it down, it´s easier than The Ordinary.

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CAIS2 is now CAIS3 and there’s no more mixing!

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  • All the NIOD products on 1 page
  • What each of the NIOD products are used for
  • How to layer the NIOD products in your routine
  • NIOD Routines
  • Cheaper Deciem alternatives
  • NIOD conflicts
  • Nicola Kilner´s (CEO of Deciem) At-Home Routine below.

The Beginner´s Guide To NIOD

NIOD is a lot more expensive than The Ordinary. When buying NIOD, think carefully about the products in your routine and read reviews of all the products in the Facebook Group and on Instagram. When buying masks, I would suggest buying the smaller sizes first but for MMHC2 and CAIS3, go for the bigger sizes. I would advise not to store CAIS for too long as we find the beautiful blue colour turns to a dark grey/black.

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NIOD Guide

All the NIOD products by category

The Beginner´s Guide To NIOD

NIOD Core Routine

NIOD Core Regimen


CAIL1% is designed to be used on its own after cleansing. It targets overall healthy-looking skin with the additional benefits of building and enhancing skin barrier function & elasticity.

Directions: Use PM. Apply a very small amount to the face & neck in the evening.

NIOD CAIL Conflicts: Do not use in the same routine as direct acids, pure vitamin c, strong antioxidants or retinol.
Pro Tip: If you are looking for the most simple routine, this product is for you.

How to layer NIOD CAIL1%

Read More about NIOD CAIL1%

NEW! NIOD CAIS3 Copper Amino Isolate Serum

CAIS3 1:1 a highly focused effort to maintain healthy-looking skin, this pro-repair, pro-collagen serum offers a novel approach to target all signs of skin ageing indirectly. This product no longer needs mixing!

Directions: Use AM & PM. Used as the first step after cleansing.

NIOD CAIS Conflicts: Avoid retinol and strong antioxidants.
Pro Tip: Don´t store this one for too long before opening.

How to layer NIOD CAIS3

Read More about NIOD CAIS

NIOD MMHC2 Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex

MMHC2 has 15 forms of hyaluronic compounds, helps the skin surface look plump, elastic, comfortable, and uniform.
Directions. Use AM & PM. If used separately, apply MMHC after cleansing before the application of other skin treatments.
Conflicts: No conflicts
Pro Tip: The 30ml is much better value than the 15ml!

How to layer NIOD MMHC2

Read More about NIOD MMHC2

NIOD MG Modulating Glucosides

NIOD MG -A concentrated emulsion to target signs of skin sensitivity, discomfort & irritation. This serum reduces the look of redness, itching, and irritation while helping to target stinging sensations.

Directions: Use AM & PM after CAIS & before MMHC2 if using the Core Regimen. If not using CAIS, apply directly after cleansing.

Conflicts: Check with Deciem as there is some conflicting information.
How to layer NIOD MG

Read more about NIOD MG

The Beginners Guide To NIOD Masks

Idiots Guide To NIOD

*sizes are not correct

NIOD FM Flavanone Mud

Flavanone Mud masque is great for congested and dull skin.

Directions: Use once a week. Clean skin with LVCE and/or water. Apply a thin layer of Flavanone Mud to the dry face avoiding the lower & upper eyelids. Leave for 10 mins then rinse thoroughly with warm water. A strong temporary stinging sensation will occur especially after the product has been rinsed off.
Pro Tip: Try the 5 day accelerated method to kick start using this product!


NIOD MM Mastic Must

This Mastic Must masque is for use before the application of makeup to help the look of enlarged pores for a flawless finish.

Directions: Apply a generous amount to clean face in the AM. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not use a cleaner after rinsing.
Pro Tip: Try using a hairdryer! After rinsing thoroughly, an unessential but beneficial step is to blowdry on a tolerable heat for about 15 seconds to dry the face. This step would enhance the visible results of MM immediately.

Cleanse + MM + Skincare Routine + Make Up

NIOD VM Voicemail Masque

VM is a nighttime leave-on masque treatment that fights many of the signs associated with impaired cellular communication. VM is not recommended for very oily skin types

Directions: Use twice weekly at nighttime only. If used as part of a NIOD regimen, apply CAIS/MMHC first & then apply a thin layer of this masque over the entire face, avoiding direct eye contact. Outside of a NIOD regimen, apply over lighter serums and avoid the application of thicker cream formulations. Massage for about 20-40 seconds. Do not apply other products over VM. Do not rinse off until the AM.
How to layer NIOD VM

NIOD SS Sanskrit Saponins

SS is a viscous and intense cleaning balm for the face formulated with highly-concentrated, very-unrefined Ayurvedic plant surfactants unsupported by any modern cleaning technology.

Directions: Apart from using NIOD SS as a cleanser, you can also use this as a 5-minute masque.
Pro Tip: This comes in 90ml & 180ml. 180ml is a better value but you may not use it up in the required time.

NIOD MC Myrrh Clay

Myrrh Clay (MC)
A treatment masque that visibly firms the skin.

Directions: Use once a week on clean, dry skin. Apply a thin layer to the entire face. Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

NIOD Cleansers, Mists & Hydration

Idiots Guide To NIOD

SS Video | HV Video | SDSM Video

NIOD SS Sanskrit Saponins

Cleanser & 5 minute mask

Sanskrit SS is a viscous and intense cleaning balm for the face formulated with highly-concentrated, very-unrefined Ayurvedic plant surfactants unsupported by any modern cleaning technology. (SS)

Directions: Use once every other day in the AM or the PM. SS can be used more frequently if desired. SS is not intended to remove makeup. Remove makeup first with LVCE or your usual makeup remover. Wet your face thoroughly and massage SS between your palms for a few seconds to form a paste-like lather. Massage gently, avoiding the eyes. Rinse thoroughly, keeping your eyes closed. Pat dry with a towel
Pro Tip! This can also be used as a 5-minute masque.

What order to use NIOD SS

NIOD LVCE Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester

A skin cleaning system that respects dermal barriers while regulating visible sebum production, cleaning the skin thoroughly, and removing all traces of makeup in a single step.

Directions: Massage a generous amount onto dry face. Rinse with warm water. Can also be applied to a facial pad and wiping the face thoroughly.
Pro Tip: This is available in a gift set if you wanted to try a few NIOD products.

The order to use NIOD LVCE

NIOD SDSM2 Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist

A dermal treatment mist–not to be classified mistakenly as a “toner”–that acts as a fundamental daily force against oxidative stress, water loss, and the look of inflammation.

Directions: Apply morning and evening to face and neck after cleaning before the application of other treatments. If used as part of a NIOD regimen, apply after LVCE and/or SS, but before CAIS.

Conflicts: No conflicts
How to layer NIOD SDSM2

NIOD HV Hydration Vaccine

A hydration seal for the skin that helps protect against loss of Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF), and supplements the skin’s own moisturizing factors.

Directions: Apply a small amount all over the face in the AM & PM after serums (ideally CAIS and MMHC) but before the application of any other creams and/or sunscreen formulations. 
How to layer NIOD HV
Cleanse + CAIS + MMHC2 + HV

Lip Products

NIOD LBLC Lip Bio Lipid Concentrate

A comprehensive treatment to improve the looks of lip colour, volume, texture, softness, and contour, combining a wide borrowing from peptide technology and biotechnology. 

Directions: Shake well. Apply with your fingertips to both upper and lower lips twice daily for 30 days initially. Reduce application to once per day thereafter. 

Warnings: This product comes with a lot of warnings and must be patch tested and only used on the lip. Please read the instructions on the NIOD website.

NIOD Eye Products


FECC Video

NIOD FECC Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate

Target visible ageing (both upper eyelids and lower eyelids) including the looks of dynamic lines, static lines, fine superficial under-eye lines loss of elasticity, dark circles, puffiness, and textural unevenness with positive visible results starting within 3 days and improving into 8 weeks with continued use. 

Directions: Apply in the eye area, including upper eyelids, both AM and PM. Patch testing is highly recommended.

Neck Products

NIOD NEC Neck Elasticity Catalyst

With technologies respect the elasticity protein—or elastin—and elastic fibers for a direct increase in the look of elasticity.

Directions: Use AM & PM to neck & lower face. If using HV, apply HV after NEC.  If not using Core Regimen, apply after serums but before any heavier creams.
Pro Tip! This is available in 50ml & 100ml. 100ml is better value but be sure you will use it up in the recommended time once opened.

How to layer NIOD NEC
Cleanse + CAIS + MMHC2 + NEC + HV + (heavy creams if using)

Vitamin C Products

NIOD ELAN Ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid Network

This highly concentrated network complex combines a 30% concentration of highly-stable Ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) in Superoxide Dismutase’s antioxidant network Selenium and Zinc to support a strong fight against oxidation.

Directions: Apply ELAN to face at night-time only, avoiding contact with eyes. ELAN contains a novel solvent for optimal penetration and, while it’s oil-free, may feel slightly oily for about 1 minute after application. This feeling will disappear quickly as there is no oil in the formulation.

NIOD ELAN Conflicts: Check The Ordinary ELAA conflicts.
ask Deciem for a regimen

Acid (non-acid) Products


NIOD NAAP Non-Acid Acid Precursor 15%

Instead of using direct acids like AHA/BHA or retinoids that are common in skincare, NAAP uses fermentation bio-derivatives and amino isolates that act as precursors to skin-compatible acids, encouraging visible radiance and visible surface regularity without the redness and inflammation associated with acids.

Directions: Apply a few drops at bedtime to the face avoiding the immediate eye areas. If used as part of a NIOD regimen, apply after CAIS and MMHC but before HV. If used along with ELAN, apply after ELAN.
How to layer NIOD NAAP

NIOD Pigmentation Products

Idiots Guide To NIOD

NIOD RP Re: Pigment

This formula visibly counteracts both uneven pigmentation, such as spots, and overall pigmentation issues through several pathways.

Directions: Use AM & PM. Shake lightly. If used as part of a NIOD regimen, apply after CAIS but before MMHC.
How to layer NIOD RP Re:Pigment

Photography Fluid

NIOD PF8% Photography Fluid 8%

It is a novel approach to creating a foundation for skin that reflects even radiance in life and specifically through the camera lens. 

Directions: Apply instead of or under liquid foundation to balance out undesirable colour tones and skin imperfections. This formula can also be mixed with other products for subtle hue correction. 
Pro Tip! Try mixing with moisturiser, BB/CC Creams, Foundations or use alone.

NIOD PF12% Photography Fluid 12%

This serum-textured surface treatment complements the approach of NIOD’s Photography Fluid, Opacity 12% by balancing light absorption effects (in contrast to light reflection focus of PF 12%) with selective reflectiveness of darker interference pigments.

Directions: Apply instead of liquid foundation for natural-looking radiance with a hint of translucent tan. This formula can also be used under, over or mixed with liquid foundation if coverage is desired.

NIOD Survival Range

Idiots Guide To NIOD

NIOD S0 Survival 0

Designed for nighttime use by all skin tones. Offers no UV Protection.

Directions: Apply to face liberally to help support the environmental defence in the absence of material UV exposure (in the evenings). Designed for all skin tones. This product does not offer protection against UVA or UVB rays.

Conflicts: Copper Peptides (see below)

NIOD S10, S20, S30

S10 Designed for darker skin tones
S20 Designed for medium to darker skin tones
S30 Designed for all skin tones.

Directions: Shake well before use. Apply to face liberally 20 minutes before UV exposure. To maintain protection during continued UV exposure, reapply every 2 hours or after material water exposure, towel-drying, swimming, or extensive perspiration.

Conflicts: Copper Peptides (see below)

How to layer NIOD & different routines/regimens

This is just a guide to the order of application. So if you’re not using SDSM or one of the other products, just leave it out. Copper always goes directly after cleansing and before any other water-based product.

  • LVCE/SS + SDSM2 + CAIS3 + MMHC2 + HV
  • LVCE/SS + SDSM2 + CAIS3 + MMHC2 + Moisturiser
  • LVCE/SS + SDSM2 + CAIS3 + MG + MMHC2
  • LVCE/SS + SDSM2 + CAIS3 + MMHC2 + NEC + HV

Nicola Kilner´s (CEO of Deciem) Skincare Routine

Nicola Kilner, CEO of Deciem, shared her At-Home routine and this is what she uses. You can watch Nicola Kilner talking about her skincare routine on You Tube. She looks fantastic, especially for a mum of a one-year-old and a one-month-old. The way she talks about the products really makes you want to try them all – go watch the video and I bet you´ll be searching NIOD NAAP :).

  • Hylamide Cleanser
  • NIOD
  • CAIS 2:1* Copper Amino Isolate Serum – now CAIS3 is here!
  • MMHC2 Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex
  • NAAP Non-acid Acid Precursor 15%
  • FECC Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate
  • The Ordinary Caffeine Solution
  • NIOD S30*
  • *please see conflicts below regimen
You can watch Nicola Kilner talking about her skincare routine here

Using Antioxidants with Copper Peptides

Through November, Deciem has been sharing routines and lots of their knowledge about skincare and products. Whilst Nicola Kilner uses these products, the day after, Deciem talked about conflicts, and there is some conflicting information that someone picked up on.

Question: I saw on your last video with Nicola Kilner a routine where she uses NIOD Survival 3o after NIOD CAIS, but you have said not to use Copper Peptides with strong antioxidants.

Answer: Generally, we do not recommend combining Copper peptides in the same routine as our NIOD Survival range due to the susceptibility of the antioxidant reacting with the copper ions. However, our recommendation takes into consideration new users and the subjectivity of skin tolerance. If you have previously combined strong antioxidants with copper peptides and have not experienced any discolouration or negative side effects, and you are happy with the results, you may continue to combine the products as so. We recommend doing a patch test prior to full application on the face should you decide to use the two products together. We hope this helps!

NIOD Alternatives to The Ordinary & Hylamide

You may find this page useful with alternatives The Ordinary Vs, Hylamide Vs NIOD.

If you wish to start incorporating some NIOD products into your routine, consider doing it slowly by maintaining your daily routine and slowly replacing one product at a time with a NIOD equivalent.

NIOD Discounts

You can always find discounts for NIOD at Skinstore US & Look Fantastic. Both are authorized stockists of Deciem.

NIOD PAO – period after opening

You can find all the period after opening times here.