The Ordinary Argireline Reviews

The Ordinary Argireline Reviews
The Instagram Polls featured on Instagram for 24 hours. 64% of the Deciem Addicts LOVE ❤️ The Ordinary Argireline.

Are you looking for reviews about The Ordinary Argireline? Look no further. These polls featured on Instagram and answered by the Deciem Addicts, the people who have bought, tried and tested.

  • What is The Ordinary Argireline?
  • What does Argireline do?
  • Which products does Argireline conflict with?
  • How and when do I use Argireline?
  • Reviews of The Ordinary Argireline
  • Similar products to Argireline
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What is The Ordinary Argireline 10% & what does it do?

Argireline is one of the 4 peptides in The Ordinary range. The other peptides are; Buffet, Buffet + Copper Peptides and Matrixyl. Argireline is known as “Botox in a Bottle” as it targets the dynamic lines around the forehead and eye area.

Deciem’s simple explanation: Argireline Solution 10% – a super lightweight solution that targets signs of aging by improving the appearance of areas of the skin prone to dynamic folds (i.e. around the eyes & forehead).⁣

How & when do I use The Ordinary Argireline

Argireline is a water based solution, so if you have read the How To Layer The Ordinary page, you will know that this is applied directly onto cleansed skin or as one of the first layers, if applying other water based products. It can be used in the morning and the evening followed by your emulsions, oils or creams.

Apply a few drops to the targeted areas, allow to absorb and then continue with the rest of your regimen.

The Ordinary Argireline Reviews
57% of the Deciem Addicts say that Argireline has improved their skin.

What is a peptide?

Skincare peptides are made up of amino acids and of protein that have become indispensable anti-aging, active ingredients for the skin. Peptides are responsible for stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the skin and, really, they are an important protein for a young and smooth skin. Maintaining optimal levels of collagen will help reduce the aging process of the skin.

Peptides, when used correctly, can be your best friend for skin care, as they are responsible for renewing cells and play an important role in the fight against the signs of ageing.⁣

The Ordinary Argireline Reviews
84% of the Deciem Addicts had no issues with breakouts or anything else with Argireline.

Which products conflict with The Ordinary Argireline?

All the peptides have products that conflict. These include the following;

  • The Ordinary Direct Acids
  • Pure Vitamin C’s (check ingredients of other brands if using)
  • L-Ascorbic Acid Power (LAA) Vitamin C
  • Ethylated Ascorbic Acid Solution (ELAA) Vitamin C
  • Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin
  • Vitamin C 23% & 30%

This is Deciem´s response about mixing Peptides and Acids.

Our rule against combining strong antioxidants only applies to our products containing copper peptides. We would not recommend combining direct acids with peptides due to the susceptibility of peptides to hydrolysis (which breaks the bonds between peptides, reducing their efficacy and making them into individual amino acids). At low pH, the peptides undergo processes such as deamidation (the removal of an amide group) and oxidation, which compromise the activity of the peptides.

Having said that, if you have previously combined peptides with acids and have not experienced any negative side effects or discoloration, you may continue to combine the two products as so as the combination does not pose any potential harm. Our recommendations are meant to serve as a preventative measure to avoid any incompatibility between those combinations and also because skin tolerance in subjective.

Can I use Argireline if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Argireline is ok to use if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. You should avoid products with retinoids and retinols but I always suggest consulting with your doctor as medical advice varies from country to country.

Product pilling/balling

If you find little bits of product coming off your skin, this is called pilling or balling. It’s quite a common topic in the Deciem Chat Room. If this happens try using less product and patting it onto your face rather than rubbing it in. If the pilling continues, look at the other products you’re using alongside Argireline.

The Ordinary Argireline Reviews

Let’s hear what some of the moderators of the Deciem Chat Room have to say about Argireline

Jen says: Argireline – a light, pleasant consistency, I use this about approx. 5 times a week and have noticed a remarkable difference in fine lines and an improvement in one more significant line. 
Have consistently used this for a number of years and will continue to do so.

Argireline Reviews by the Deciem Addicts

Argireline Reviews

Some of the positive reviews

You can read more reviews, comments or leave your own review about Argireline here in the Deciem Chat Room Facebook Group.

JG says: Love! Helping eliminate forehead lines!

SF says: I love it! did wonders on my forehead, I saw a difference very quickly. This has become the indispensable product in my routine.

CR says: I’ve been using Argireline for 18m to 2 yrs now, just on my forehead, and it’s definitely softened my frown lines. They’re still there, but I’m happy with the effect.

CES says:  I’ve used the Buffet (which has this) for about 9 months now and don’t need Botox for the last 9 months. Now if that isn’t a positive review, I don’t know what is!🤩

Some of the negative reviews

ST says:  Using it for a month now but yet to see any good or bad effect…

PP says:  I’m still waiting for results. It is not “botox in a bottle” as previously described.

MB says:  Halfway through my first bottle. It’s pleasant to use but I don’t really notice a change in my skin.

Final Thoughts On Argireline

Argireline Reviews
49% of the Deciem Addicts WILL repurchase Argireline.

So as you can see for yourselves 64% of the Deciem Addicts love ❤️ Argireline and 57% of them say it has definitely seen an improvement in their skin. 84% of the Deciem Addicts didn’t have any issues with breakouts and 49% will repurchase The Ordinary Argireline.

Products Similar To Argireline

You can look at the other Ordinary peptides, Buffet which has Argireline in it, Buffet + Copper, Matrixyl and also Hylamide Sub Q Skin.

The Ordinary
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