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NIOD PF8% Reviews & NIOD PF12% Reviews – NIOD Photography Fluid

NIOD PF8% & 12% Reviews – This page is about NIOD Photography Fluids 8% and 12%. They are the same product except the 8% has colour to it, which you will be able to see in the videos and photos.

NIOD PF12% “Semi-Translucent Suspension of Discontinuous Pigments for a Pearlescent Skin Finish” – NIOD

NIOD PF8% “Semi-Translucent Suspension of Discontinuous Pigments for a Bronze-Coloured Skin Finish” – NIOD

Your Quick 15-Second Summary

  • NIOD PF8% & 12%. PF stands for Photography Fluid
  • The difference between them is the PF8% has colour, as you can see in the photos
  • You can really see the difference in the photos.
  • These can be used instead of your foundation, under your foundation or mixed with your foundation.
  • These are products you need to play around with to see which way suits you.
  • Value For Money: PF8% 33$ for 30ml
  • Value For Money: PF12% 31$ for 30ml
  • NIOD offers a 365-day refund policy.

NIOD Photography Fluid 8% & 12% Reviews

Everything you need to know about NIOD PF8% & PF12% before buying. When and how to use conflicts, unboxing videos with swatches, reviews and faqs.

NIOD PF8% & 12% Photography Fluids

Unboxing NIOD Photography Fluid 8%

See NIOD Photography Fluid 8% before you buy it. The packaging, bottle, colour, consistency and swatches.

Unboxing NIOD Photography Fluid 12%

See NIOD Photography Fluid 12% before you buy it. The packaging, bottle, colour, consistency and swatches.

What are NIOD Photography Fluids?

Photography Fluid 8% Semi-translucent suspension of Discontinuous Pigments for a Bronze-Coloured Skin Finish.” – NIOD

Photography Fluid 12% Semi-Translucent Suspension of Discontinuous Pigments for a Pearlescent Skin Finish. ” – NIOD

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How to use PF8% & PF12%

You can use NIOD PF8% PF12% in numerous different ways; you need to find the way these work best for you.

  • You could use it on its own instead of your foundation.
  • It can be used under your liquid foundation to balance out undesirable colour tones and skin imperfections.
  • You can add this to your moisturiser.
  • Maybe you wish to just use it in certain areas as a highlighter.

Usage Note: PF 8% can be used on its own to add natural golden tan radiance to any skin tone. It can be used alongside PF 12% to create a natural and blended contouring effect (with PF 12% used above the cheekbones and PF 8% used below). PF 8% can also be used alongside traditional colour formulations.” – NIOD


There are no conflicts with NIOD Photography Foundations, but it is always recommended to patch-test before using.

Size & PAO

The period after opening Photography Fluid is 6 months. These come in 30ml bottles

Photos of NIOD PF8%

NIOD PF8% Reviews

Photos of NIOD Photography Fluid 12%

NIOD PF12% Reviews
Swatches of NIOD PF12%

Review of NIOD PF8% & 12%

Photography Fluid NIOD PF8% Review

I was a little dubious about trying this as I had tried NIOD PF12% and wasn’t really sure about it because it kept breaking up, going patchy and pilling on my skin. This is different because it is tinted and gives you a fabulous glow, as you can see in the video below. It’s so light it feels like skincare, and if you’re someone who dislikes foundations and prefers a natural glow, then I would recommend giving this a go. You only need a drop or 2, and I´m pretty sure this 30ml bottle will last me a good few months.

Negatives of PF8%

The dropper doesn´t work great on this product and I wish it came with a pump like the NIOD Survival Range. You can buy the pumps separately on the website. I also find it doesn´t work well with my SPF or numerous layers of skincare, as this causes it to pill on my skin, which isn´t a good look. It can be very messy to use, so make sure you wash your hands thoroughly, otherwise, you will find dirty tan marks everywhere.

If you are looking for a natural glow, I recommend giving this a go, but as with all products, it may not suit your skin type or tone. When we tried this on my daughter, who has lighter skin than me, it looked very metallic, so if you live near a store, I would test it first.

PF12% Reviews

I really wanted to love this, but I find it very hard to use, unlike the PF8%, which has colour. I´ve tried this in every way possible, and the glow in photos can be amazing, but once it dries, I find it breaks up and looks patch on my skin.

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Negatives of PF12%

The same problem as the PF8%, the dropper. The pipet doesn´t pick the product up well and it can be very messy. As per the PF8%, wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

See the Instagram post with more reviews

FAQS about NIOD PF8% & 12%

1. Would these work well under a powder foundation? As with all products, it is important to patch-test them before using them. They work really well mixed with liquid foundations but can be applied before powders if desired. 

2. Which Photography Fluid, 8% or 12%, would you recommend mixing with the serum foundation from The Ordinary? You may use either, depending on your preference.

3. What´s the difference between PF 8% and PF 12%?

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If you watch the video at the top of this page, you can see that PF8% has colour.

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