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NIOD Photography Fluids

There are 2 photography fluids by NIOD, the 8% and 12%. This Photography Fluid (8%) is very different to the 12%. This one gives a lovely glow along with a bit of a natural tan and can use it completely alone. The 12% is a white/creamy colour.

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What is NIOD PF8%

If you’re someone who doesn’t really like to wear foundation but would like a very natural glow wearing something which still feels like skincare, then I would 100% give this a try.

Deciem says: This serum-textured surface treatment complements the approach of NIOD’s Photography Fluid, Opacity 12% by balancing light absorption effects (in contrast to light reflection focus of PF 12%) with the selective reflectiveness of darker interference pigments. Like PF 12%, this effort is supported by perfecting prisms and topical photo-finishing technologies to offer radiance in life and specifically through the camera lens.

How to use NIOD PF8%

You can use this completely on its own instead of using your usual foundation. It could also be used under your liquid foundation to balance out undesirable colour tones and skin imperfections. You could also mix this with other products. It’s one of those products you should play around it to see which way suits you.


No conflicts but always patch test

Where to use PF8% in your routine

Apply this after all your skincare and SPF.

Reviews of NIOD PF8%

This currently scores 4.7/5 on the Deciem website.

My review – I was a little dubious about trying this as I had tried NIOD PF12% and wasn’t really sure about it. This is totally different. This gives you a fabulous glow as you can see in the video below. It’s so light, it feels like skincare once applied and if you’re someone who dislikes heavy foundations and prefers a natural glow, then I would highly suggest trying this. You only need a drop or 2 and I´m pretty sure this 30ml bottle will last me a good few months.

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I’ve had this before and LOVED it, haven’t used it in years. I’ve been eyeing it up again on the website and I think I might repurchase as you reminded me of how beautiful it makes the skin look.

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NIOD PF8% Reviews

FAQS answered by Deciem on Social Media

Would these work well under powder foundation? Has anyone tried it?

As with all products, it is important to patch test them before using them. They work really well mixed with liquid foundations but can be applied before powders if desired. 

What’s the difference between this and the Hylamide Photography Foundation? NIOD PF offers a higher concentration of “hue correctors” for more of a cinematic finish. This high concentration is ideally good for mixing with other forms of makeup and for professional photography. Hylamide PF is less concentrated in hue correctors and more in surface perfecting technologies and is a balance between camera coverage and real-life visible difference for daily use.

Which Photography Fluid 8% of 12% would you recommend to mix with the serum foundation from the ordinary? You may use either depending on your preference.

How to patch test NIOD PF8%

Deciem suggests applying a small amount of PF8% onto a clean area of your upper forearm. Leave it on for a while, up to 24 hours and rinse. If you have any redness, burning, itching, blistering or any kind of irritation at all, do not continue to use this product.

NIOD Guide

This brand can be really confusing so here’s a quick, easy guide to NIOD making it a bit easier.

NIOD Discounts

You can always find discounts on NIOD at some of the authorised Deciem stockists around the world. Deciem discounts.