The Ordinary Matrixyl Reviews

  • 74% of the Deciem Addicts love it!
  • 68% of the Deciem Addicts say it has improved their skin
  • Targets fine lines & wrinkles
  • Use morning & evening
  • Conflicts with Direct Acids, Vitamin C (ELAA & LAA) & Resveratrol & Ferulic Acid

The Ordinary Matrixyl reviews by the moderators of the Facebook Group and the Deciem Addicts, the people who have bought, tried and tested.

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  • Which products does Matrixyl conflict with?
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What is The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA & what does it do?

The Ordinary product names can be confusing because they go by their actual ingredient names. It´s likely that you have already used this ingredient in other products without realising it. Matrixyl 10% + HA (Hyaluronic Acid) is a high strength peptide with 2 different generations of Matrixyl, which target fine lines and wrinkles.

Deciem’s Simple Explanation: Matrixyl 10% + HA – a very high-strength peptide formula to visibly target the look of static (always there) and dynamic (forming with muscle motion) wrinkles. ⁣

How & When Do I Use The Ordinary Matrixyl

The Ordinary Matrixyl is a water-based product that would be applied as one of the first layers directly after cleansing or on top of another water-based product like Buffet or Hyaluronic Acid.

You can use Matrixyl in the morning and evening.

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Which Products Conflict With The Ordinary Matrixyl?

Updated November 2020 – Deciem has updated their conflicts on the regimen page. Matrixyl shouldn´t be used in the same routine as:

  • Direct Acids
  • Vitamin C (ELAA Ethylated Ascorbic Acid & LAA L-Ascorbic Acid)
  • Resveratrol 3% & Ferulic Acid

This is the response from Deciem about mixing Peptides and Acids.

Our rule against combining strong antioxidants only applies to our products containing copper peptides. We would not recommend combining direct acids with peptides due to the susceptibility of peptides to hydrolysis (which breaks the bonds between peptides, reducing their efficacy and making them into individual amino acids). At low pH, the peptides undergo processes such as deamidation (the removal of an amide group) and oxidation, which compromise the activity of the peptides.

Having said that, if you have previously combined peptides with acids and have not experienced any negative side effects or discoloration, you may continue to combine the two products so that the combination does not pose any potential harm. Our recommendations are meant to serve as a preventative measure to avoid any incompatibility between those combinations and also because skin tolerance is subjective.

Matrixyl Reviews by the Deciem Addicts

Reviews by the moderators of the Facebook Group and the Deciem Addicts. You can find all these reviews and comments and even add your own right here in The Deciem Chat Room.

AA says 4/5. I sometimes dislike Matrixyl because I get little whiteheads on my nose. What do I love? The fact that my skin looks more youthful and hydrated. I don’t have crows feet developing after four months of use.

YM says:  I love The Ordinary Matrixyl. Buffet did nothing for me, but this makes my skin really hydrated and plumped up 4.5/5. I use it sandwiched in my 7 skins… And it’s been a game-changer.

KM says: I really like it. It definitely made my skin plumper, and fine lines were less visible.

SC: I really like The Ordinary Matrixyl. It’s definitely plumped my skin and made it softer. I use it in the mornings or evenings when I’m not using acids.

DJ says: I spot use The Ordinary Matrixul around my eyes, number 11’s and marionette lines. Very happy with the results as it plumped up the eye area and smoothed the 11’s and marionette lines. Part of my Dailey routine, and I will continue to use it.

KR says: I love Matrixyl and Argireline combo. 11’s so faint you can only see them up close, and even then, they are very difficult to see.

MM says:  Matrixyl made my skin in no time (4 weeks) very smooth, and my deep wrinkles changed to fine lines… especially under my eyes. Love it.

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NA says:  Good product, I will buy it again.

KM says: 4/5 makes skin look plumper. IT definitely improves skin condition. The texture is a bit sticky.

TE says:  Matrixyl is the foundation of my skincare after cleansing. I love it. It gives me a plumper, more youthful glow; I won’t be without it, and I don’t care what other products have as an ingredient. I like it on its own.

AN says:  I gave 2/5. I didn´t find Matrixyl helped with lines, but it is 200% not clogged. I’m still using it just as a small treat as hydration for my forehead.

ED says: I only started using Matrixyl again after it broke me out. Concentrating on lines around the eyes and 11’s. Hope by just using it in specific areas, I won’t break out again.

FAQS about Matrixyl

These questions have been answered by Deciem on social media. Some may conflict with the latest information regarding conflicts as peptides should not be used in the same routine as direct acids and vitamin c.

Can I use Matrixyl around the eyes on my fine lines? Yes, you may.

Can you use The Ordinary Retinoid 5% with the Matrixyl 10% + HA? Yes, you may.

Should I use Argireline or Matrixyl around the eyes? You may use either.

Is it safe to use Matrixyl with Niacinamide? Yes, they are compatible.

How would I layer Niacinamide 10% + zinc 1% and Matrixyl 10% + HA. I have my day moisturizer (with SPF). We suggest applying your goodies in the following order; Matrixyl 10% > Niacinamide and your moisturizer.

Can I use at the same time Matrixyl and Ascorbyl Glucoside solution 12%? You may indeed. Sounds great!

Is it ok to use Matrixyl with The Ordinary Lactic Acid serum in my evening routine? The best method of application without any conflicts is to use the Matrixyl in the AM and alternate usage of Lactic Acid and Vitamin C in the PMregimen.

Final Thoughts On Matrixyl

The Ordinary Reviews

74% of the Deciem Addicts love The Ordinary Matrixyl, 68% saw an improvement in their skin, and 61% will be repurchasing it.

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30ml £9.60 | 11.50$ | 11.50€ | 19.90$AUD

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