The Ordinary Glucoside Foaming Cleanser Reviews

Out today! 9th March 2023

Unboxing The Ordinary Glucoside Cleanser

On the 9th of December, The Ordinary released a limited number of these Glucoside Foaming Cleansers. We also had a giveaway in the Facebook Group of 600 units! This product will officially be released on March 9th 2023. We love brand-new products, especially cleansers. Let´s get ready to say hello to The Ordinary Glucoside Foaming Cleanser.

The Ordinary Glucoside Foaming Cleanser
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All about The Ordinary Glucoside Foaming Cleanser

  • What is The Ordinary Glucoside Foaming Cleanser? A gentle, foaming cleanser that effectively cleanses the skin whilst maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier. (more info below).
  • When & how to use it? AM & PM if you wish. Apply and massage onto your wet face and then rinse with warm water. As always, it is best to patch-test products.
  • When will it be launched? 9th March 2023.
  • What size is the cleanser? 150ml
  • How much is The Ordinary Glucoside Cleanser? See prices in your currency here
  • Reviews of The Ordinary Glucoside Cleanser – see below and you can find reviews in the Facebook Group.
  • What skin types is The Glucoside Cleanser suited to? The Ordinary says this cleanser is suited to all skin types.
  • What are the main ingredients of The Ordinary Glucoside Cleanser? Decyl Glucoside, Coco-Glucoside
  • Price of the Glucoside Foaming Cleanser. 12.50$US | 11.10GBP | 14.80$CAD | 19.70$ AUD
  • Video Unboxing The Ordinary Glucoside Cleanser – See above
  • Reviews of The Ordinary Glucoside Cleanser
  • FAQs about the Glucoside Foaming Cleanser – Coming Soon!

FAQS about The Ordinary Glucoside Foaming Cleanser

These questions have been asked and asked by The Oridnary on their Social Media.

What´s the difference between The Ordinary Glucoside Foaming Cleanser and Squalane Cleanser? Our glucoside cleanser is formulated to remove dirt and environmental impurities and over time, will improve skin clarity and radiance. Our squalane cleanser is an all-in-one moisturising cleanser with a balm-like texture that will help to improve your moisture barrier through hydration. We hope this helps

Is the Glucoside Cleanser suitable for acne-prone skin? It is suitable for all skin types.

Can I use The Ordinary Glucoside Cleanser every day?

The cleanser can be used in the morning and evening. If you have cleansed well the night before, it may be unnecessary to use the cleanser in the am.

What skin types is The Glucoside Cleanser Suited to? This cleanser is suited to all skin types

 Is the Glucoside Cleanser like a pre-cleanse or an actual face wash? This would be your facial cleansing step.

Is the foaming glucoside cleanser safe whilst breastfeeding? At this time, our products have not been tested on people who are breastfeeding. We recommend consulting with your doctor before incorporating new skincare products into your routine.

Is this cleanser for dry or oily skin? It is for all skin types.

Glucoside Cleanser Reviews

Find more reviews and comments in the Facebook Group.

My own personal review I am someone who likes a cleanser to work quickly. I like it to remove eye makeup as well as foundation and sun cream, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, it should not sting or irritate my eyes. This did everything I could ask for. No irritation whatsoever and it left my skin feeling really clean. I will continue to use this and if anything changes, I will let you know. But, so far, so good! The only negative is that I wouldn´t travel with it again. It´s too liquidy.

More Reviews

I did a simple wash and again was impressed with how gentle and hydrating this cleanser is!!! The only thing that I would suggest is that you shake the bottle before using it because when I squeezed some of it out, it was a little more on the watery side. I did a bottle shake, and it returned to more of its gel consistency. Here are my takeaways from The Ordinary Glucoside Foaming Cleanser. 1) Fabulous gentle gel cleanser. 2) I can see people of all skin types enjoying this product (sensitive, dry, combo etc). 3) The price point is in line with Deciem/The Ordinary drugstore pricing ($12.50 USD 150ml/5.1oz). 4) I WOULD highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a great new gentle cleanser. Read the full review and comments here.

The texture is a nice gel, and it has a minimal nondescript scent. I only needed a small amount of warm water to get a nice soft lather on my skin (I have used this as a second cleanse after Squalane and also as a morning cleanser). It rinses away leaving no residue and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. For my rather dry sensitive skin, I didn’t find it irritated or left my skin red as some foaming cleansers can do… the whole review here.

I just received the Glucoside Foaming Cleanser as part of the giveaway on Monday and used it for the 1st time tonight. Enjoyed using it, and it was good to have a different type of cleanser

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