About Deciem Chat Room

Deciem Chat Room is an independently run platform for #deciemaddicts to talk freely about the products, the good and the bad. I´m passionate about real reviews by real people who have bought, tried and tested.

The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room

When did I start The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room?

The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room was born April 4th 2017.

Why did I start The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room?

I became totally addicted to The Ordinary and desperately needed help. There was nowhere to go unless you emailed Deciem and waited a week for a response (if you received one at all). The only other company that sold The Ordinary at that time was Victoria Health.

What were the first products you ever bought?

I bought the Pigmentation Routine first followed by the Anti-Ageing routine.

Did you ever think The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room Facebook Group would get so big?

No way! I originally made it for myself and few friends. Then suddenly everyone started to join and now we about to reach 150k #deciemaddicts.

Is the group independent?

Yes, the group is totally independent and not connected to Deciem at all although I do chat with them frequently. There have been so fantastic giveways and Q&As with Brandon Truaxe, the late founder of Deciem. All the reviews in the group, on Instagram and on this website are by the #deciemaddicts, the people who have bought tried and tested, and this means the good as well as the bad. Impartial, honest reviews are really important to me. To remain independent affiliate links are used and sometimes stockists will pay to advertise.

How much time goes into running the group?

I haven´t had a day off from the group since April 2017. The only time I am not online is when I´m sleeping (if I sleep as I’m an insomniac) or up in the air on a plane with no service.

Meeting Nicola Kilner

I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Nicola Kilner (CEO of Deciem) back in September 2017. She loved the group, the Deciem Addicts, the way everyone supports one another and all the different ways the Deciem Addicts used their products.

The Brandon Truaxe Event

The late Brandon Truaxe, the founder of Deciem held an amazing live Q&A in the chat room.  Brandon Truaxe was only supposed to be online for 2 hours. There were so many questions and he ended up coming back and answering every single question over the following 24 hours. You can find all the information from this event in the Facebook Group.

Deciem HQ Canada

I try to plan my holidays around the Moderators of the Facebook Group and wherever they live in the world. I´ve managed to meet most of them in the UK, Ireland and Canada, there’s just Chicago and Melbourne left. Whilst in Canada, I was invited to Deciem HQ where I met up with the lovely Mira Singh, operations director and the whole Deciem crew. I did feel rather old as they´re such a great young crowd. It was a wonderful experience and I loved my daughter being able share the experience with me as Deciem had been such a huge part of our lives.

Deciem Chat Room Press Mentions


A few months ago, I was engulfed with so much positivity from members of @deciemchatroom on Facebook when I was answering questions about DECIEM, about me and about life. Throughout the questions, I noticed that a few members had shared that they found the texture of our Hyaluronic Acid + B5 viscous and disliked the time it takes for the product to penetrate the skin. 


By Cheryl Wischhover Deciem Fueled the skincare boom.  Then it almost went bust. One of the most influential spaces for Deciem has been the Facebook group The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room, which popped up entirely independent of the company. Not to sound like a broken record, but this too is not a thing that happens in beauty. Sure, there are tons of general beauty forums; however, there are not many brand-specific ones, and certainly not at such a scale.  The group now boasts over 129,000 followers and has inspired several copycats

Get The Gloss

What Nicola Kilner spender her beauty budget on – On Facebook there is actually a fan club now for The Ordinary which has over 20k members, they are always sharing amazing results and stories, so quite often when I am reading the comments it reminds to me revisit one of our products I might not have used for a while!”

Instyle, Beauty Boss Podcast

The nice thing with The Ordinary is that it feels like a community has formed. Our Facebook fan group [it’s independent from the brand] has over a 100,000 members and it’s amazing to see people helping others with their regimens.

The Cut

The brand even has a Facebook group of 18,000 people discussing how to use its products. Truaxe once did a Q&A for the group, and it took him over 28 hours to answer every question.


About Deciem Chat Room

Deciem’s Nicola Kilner Talks Low Prices, Differentation. Deciem relies on its consumers — not influencers — to propel conversation around the brand on social media. Kilner noted one fan group — The Ordinary Chat Room — on Facebook has 28,000 members. She herself is a member — albeit a silent one.


Estée Lauder, Deciem Headed to Court Hearing. Followers of Deciem — there are 374,000 on Instagram — have seen much of the drama unfold publicly on the Internet. The business, founded in 2013, has built a cult following for its multiple brands of affordably priced, scientifically named products, like The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone, $6.80, and Niod’s Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate, $60. Deciem even has a fan-run Facebook group — the Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room — with more than 57,000 members. Up until recently, the vertically integrated business’ biggest problem was making enough products to keep up with demand.

On Tuesday, that conversation mixed elements of alarm and bargain hunting as fans discussed the news and wondered whether products would remain available. Customers swapped rumors in a private Facebook group with more than 57,000 members, while others flocked to an Instagram fan account to discuss whether products could be ordered online. (For the most part, as of Tuesday afternoon, they reportedly could, though it was unclear whether products would be delivered.)

About Deciem Chat Room

The Top Skincare & Beauty Groups – A place for The Ordinary and Deciem addicts (so, all of us?), this group is a safe space for all your Deciem-related questions. I’d recommend putting a question to the members before buying a product—that way you’ll get an honest review from a handful of people. Read more about Skincare & Beauty Facebook Groups.

About Deciem Chat Room

“The Ordinary Chat Room.” Altogether, they have 31,100 members. It’s also one of the most mentioned brands on Reddit’s popular skin-care sub-reddit “Skincare Addiction,” and has its own, dedicated sub-reddit. Read more at Glossy.co.


If you would like to get in contact with me, feel free to dm me jo@deciemchatroom.com.

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