Deciem Chat Room Guidelines

Hello and welcome to The Ordinary & NIOD Chat Room.

This is a space for #deciemaddicts around the world of all skincare levels to chat freely about The Ordinary, NIOD and other Deciem brands, the good and the bad.

There are repeated Deciem questions because that’s how this group runs, has always run, and will always run because every day someone new is discovering The Ordinary. If you feel the group isn´t for you, feel free to leave or you can adjust the notifications in your feed.

We are all aware of everything that is going on in the world right now but please leave your anger or frustration outside of this group. We focus on skincare and do our very best to keep this a safe, friendly, supportive space for everyone all around the world. It’s a little haven for many (including us) and there are plenty of other groups and platforms to discuss these issues.


  • Be nice, be helpful or scroll on.
  • If you have any issues message @deciemchatroom page. Do not message every single admin & mod.

The Group

Admin & Mods

Admin and moderators are here to approve posts and keep the group running smoothly. This is not a group where we answer all the questions. It´s a group, a place for everyone to share their opinions and help others.
Group Experts – Group experts are fabulous members of the group who often offer advice but mostly point people in the right direction of the group or adding useful information. These people are not skin professionals.

Do You Have an issue?

If you have an issue message @deciemchatroom Facebook Page where your question will be answered when possible. Do not message all of our personal inboxes. This wastes all our time answering the same question. Anyone doing so will be removed from the group.
Read the automated response which will generally answer your question.
Messaging “why wasn´t my post approved” doesn´t help us. Send your post in so we can see it but please check the guidelines below first.

Posting A Question

Posts are approved when possible. It might show straight away or it may take a few hours. Please do not repost – this causes us more work.
If you edit your post commenting is automatically turned off by Facebook until we approve the edits.

I Can´t Post – posting is turned off for numerous reasons.

Posting will be turned off on certain holiday days and currently switched off Friday & Saturday evenings from 6pm (ET) 12pm (GMT) but there will be other periods of time. Always check announcements.
Allow the feed to catch up so everyone´s question is seen and answered.
Due to Facebook issues.
Because we need a break.

Posts Approved

This is an English-speaking, worldwide group. Some non-Deciem posts may be approved but not all. If there is a master thread, please use it. Check topics, files & use the search box with # + keyword. #7skins #koreanthreads #7skinspoll #retina etc.
Posts in English please (copy & paste google translate). There is a translation, but sometimes this does not translate clearly or slang is used we are unable to understand.
Photos – no filters. If you do not wish to use a natural photo then please do not add a photo or add photos in comments.
Product photos should be clear. Members should not have to click and zoom in.
Discount Codes – Deciem only and not self-benefiting.
Articles / Videos – one of the main points about this group is about honest reviews by you. People who have bought tried and tested with all different skin types and concerns. If it has already been posted, is less informative than the info we already have, it has more ads than content or if they are selling the products, it will not be approved.
Posts for 18+. Deciem do not recommend these products for under 18s. We know many still use them so feel free to look at previous master threads by searching #teens.

Posts Not Approved

We do not have time to message if your post hasn’t been approved. You might receive feedback or be tagged onto another post. Please do not be rude to admin or mods, summon us within the group or hijack other posts. Remember, you are in a Deciem group.
Questions asking about strong or experimental treatments and home procedures with the current situation will not be approved.
Posts we feel will cause heated arguments, make other members feel uncomfortable or spread false information.
Posts with photos or questions about apps. If you have purchased apps from 3rd parties and have issues, please contact them direct. Deciem does not have an app.
Guess my age posts or what do you think of my skin?
Photo for attention – please keep it relevant. Feet must go in comments with a warning. Any posts we feel are inappropriate will not be approved.
Posts with links to skincare gadgets, particularly LED masks may not be approved.
Posts advertising yours or your friend´s YouTube, Blog, Business will not be approved. Constant spamming in comments will see you removed from the group. First posts with links may not be approved.
Anything we feel is for a medical professional will not be approved. Some may be approved if professionals have been unable to help. This group takes no responsibility and we ask you always to consult with a professional before trying any of the suggestions.
Posts promoting other groups/apps/ebooks/mlm/counterfeit/Ebay/ (MLM includes NuSkin, Mary Kay, Arbonne, Oriflame, DoTerra, Modere and all the others). If you sell these in the group or dm members, you will be removed.
Fake Products – There are so many “AUTHORISED” stockists. If you buy from a 3rd party please contact them direct or Deciem.
Editing posts once approved to advertise.
Posts wanting to change the way the group runs – suggestions welcome by DM but if you do not like the way the group is run, feel free to leave. Would you write to ASOS or Deciem and say you don´t like the way they run their company?
Facebook Community Rules. If admin and moderators feel the content of a post could possibly go against Facebook guidelines, it will not be approved and this includes photos and certain words like suicide, self-harm, guns, weapons etc. Posts edited to add photos that may go against the rules will be removed without warning. Please understand that we have no control over what people may report or Facebook Policies. We hope that you understand.

If you have an issue, DM @deciemchatroom please read the automated response which generally answers your questions. Please do not message personal acounts of admin or moderators because these may not be seen or answered.

Before & After photos

Please make sure the photos are taken in the same or similar light.
Add your routine please to the post.
If you have had botox/fillers please be honest from the start.
Members being rude to others about filters will not be tolerated. Not everyone realizes their phones may automatically apply a filter and not everyone is comfortable posting their naked face.
If you post a photo saying how amazing certain products or gadgets are and you´re selling the products and/or DM members, you will be banned from the group.

General Rules

Be nice, be kind or scroll on.
When you join the group you are asked to read these guidelines and the rules and should you feel the group is not for you, please feel free to leave.

Reported Posts / Comments / Problems/ Commenting Turned Off

If a post or comment is reported it may be removed. This means any comments attached to the original comment may be deleted too.
DM ME – If you ask people to DM you, your comment may be removed (even if you´re just being kind, sorry). This is because we do our best to protect our members from MLM or similar and we do not have time to message you all to check you´re not MLM. If you have something to share, share it with the group.
Issues – if you see any issue, click report to admin (top right of each post). Should you get involved with arguments, you may find yourself being removed from the group.
Reported posts/comments – If we do not delete it, it´s because we feel it´s down to the OP to report or we have missed something so just send in a post advising us.
If a post has been reported numerous times, it will be removed without warning. We are extremely busy and do not have time to babysit posts.
Please DO NOT report the Fs.
Commenting may be turned off on your posts to allow other posts to be seen and answered. Commenting turned off on posts we feel have been answered or have many comments.
This is a skincare group. We are quite free with comments to allow discussion of botox and fillers but if many people have already said the same, please do not continue to post. Original Posters – please make it clear in your post that you are looking for skincare products and not botox. Commenting will be turned off if every comment says botox.

How The Group Runs

Deciem Chat Room started off as a small group of friends and now we are over 200,000 Deciem Addicts. The group is independent and takes a huge amount of time and effort to run. I am online practically 24/7.

To remain independent, affiliate links are used, as they are by bloggers, vloggers, influencers, and online magazines and newspapers. The difference with the group is that the reviews are your reviews. Having been a blogger myself in the past, I´m extremely passionate about real, honest reviews and you can’t get more honest and transparent reviews than the ones in Deciem Chat Room where you can see the profile of the person leaving the review and connect with them directly.