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Slowvember Deciem Black Friday Sale

Slowvember Deciem Black Friday Sale

Please be aware, the sale has started in a few countries. I´m sure it will be with you soon depending on your time zone.

The DECIEM BLACK FRIDAY SALE 2021 starts tomorrow 1st November

Slowvember Deciem Black Friday Sale is here with 23% off absolutely everything at Deciem. The sale will run for the whole month of November so you can really take your time to think about what you want (whilst stock lasts of course).

Slowvember Deciem Black Friday Sale

Slowvember Industry disruptor DECIEM is paving the way for a more sustainable Black Friday with the launch of its Anti-Black Friday Campaign.

DECIEM will be offering its month-long 23% discount to encourage conscious consumption and considered purchases over a period that traditionally celebrates impulse purchasing. 
DECIEM’s month-long discount offers a human approach to discounting.

Consumers will be encouraged to partake in a month of soothing and relaxing experiences across all channels, via calm activations in store, and across DECIEM’s online presence. Slowvember welcomes back DECIEM’s month-long discount period, allowing its audience to slow down and take the time to make educated purchasing decisions.

On a day traditionally known as Black Friday, DECIEM will celebrate connections over clicks with its website and tills closed across all stores.

However, after a year of reduced human interaction DECIEM has decided to keep some of its global retail locations open, but offer them as a place where shoppers can take a moment to relax and experience live music, local refreshments and take part in musical and artistic workshops. Customers will not be able to purchase products on Black Friday.

Deciem Stores & Website Closed Black Friday

Deciem stores and website will be closed on Black Friday itself, from midnight (Thursday) to midnight (Black Friday).

The Deciem Brands



What products should you buy?

If you’re totally new to Deciem, you can build your own regimen online here and see which products are suitable.

Check The Ordinary Reviews and NIOD Reviews here. You can also find lots of comments on Instagram and in the Facebook Group.

Here are some of my favourites

The Ordinary

  • The Ordinary Pycnogenol, is one of the antioxidants. This is a 15ml bottle and my favourite antioxidant for the colour, the smell, the texture and the way it feels and looks on my skin.
  • The Ordinary Salicylic Acid Masque. I’d go for the big size. My skin instantly feels smoother after using this.


  • NIOD Photography Fluid 8%. If you’re looking for something that gives you a bit of a glow but still feels like skincare, try this with 23% off. I absolutely love this and haven’t worn foundation for a month since using this.
  • NIOD SDSM2. A fabulous hydrating mist you can use on your face and body. Wonderful in the summer months too.
  • NIOD LVCE. This isn’t to everyone’s taste. Removes makeup really well and is a lovely cleanser, leaving skin feeling really soft and hydrated.
  • NIOD Flavanone Mud. I’d go for the smaller size unless you plan to only use this as your weekly mask. This has 6 months once opened.


  • Hylamide Sub Q Skin & Eyes. If you like a quick, simple routine, have a look at Hylamide. I absolutely love Sub Q Skin & Eyes. If you like Buffet or if you find it a little sticky, I think you will prefer Sub Q Skin. Worth giving a try with 23% off.

The Chemistry Brand

  • The Chemistry Brand. I love Hand Chemistry. It does have quite a strong scent which some people don’t like but my hands feel amazing after using it. Heel Chemistry is fabulous too and leaves feet feeling amazing.


  • HIF Hair is Fabric. There are a lot of mixed feelings about these shampoos. I´ve only used the Hydration one so far and it really grew on me. My hair feels better the days after using this and I even managed to get to day 4 without washing which is amazing for me.


NIOD Masks. NIOD has a period after opening of 6 months. I would go for the smaller sizes of the masks unless you will use them without fail once or twice a week.

NIOD MMHC2 & CAIS3. Go for the bigger sizes.

Copper Products. Don’t buy too many and store them for too long. Sometimes they lose their beautiful blue colour.

Acids – Don’t buy too many, particularly if you use peptides and vitamin c as there are so many conflicts.

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