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The Ordinary & NIOD SLOWVEMBER 2023 – Your Complete Guide

Slowvember Sale 2023

The Ordinary & NIOD Slowvember 2023 – Your complete guide to Slowvember 2023

The Ordinary & NIOD Sale has just started! Slowvember is here. Some people call it The Ordinary & NIOD Black Friday Month. You have a whole month to shop 23% off everything and 50% off NIOD CAIS & CAIL, although products do sell out fast!

Slowvember is Here! 23% off everything & 50% off NIOD CAIS & CAIL

The Ordinary & NIOD November Sale is now on! Slowvember is the amazing yearly sale that starts on the 1st November and right through to the 30th of November and normally offers 23% off sitewide. The Ordinary & NIOD encourage you to shop slowly and be mindful of your purchases.

slovember 2023

Here’s a quick rundown of The Ordinary Black Friday 2022:

  • 23% off everything The Ordinary & NIOD
  • Ran throughout November
  • Started November 1st (midnight EST) and ended November 30th (midnight EST)
  • Closed for 24 hours on Black Friday (the last Friday in November)
  • Products did come back in stock, so always sign up for notifications
  • There was free delivery on any order for a limited period

The Ordinary & NIOD Black Friday 2023 Guide – Your quick guide for the biggest skincare sales of the year.

Yes, there is 23% off this Black Friday! Slowvember is here!

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The Ordinary & Why It’s So Popular

The Ordinary launched in 2016. It was the tenth brand to be launched by Deciem, and it has ended up being the MOST successful. I first learned about it in early 2017, and apart from NIOD, The Ordinary’s big sister, I haven’t used any other skincare since.

The Ordinary has been the ultimate disrupter in the skincare industry, giving us amazing ingredients at reasonable prices and making skincare affordable for everyone. Rather than buy a pot of cream with everything in it, we can now pick and choose which ingredients we want to use and when. The best thing (for me anyway) is that all the products are fragrance-free.

Another reason why The Ordinary is so popular is because it appeals to everyone. All genders and ages. We have skincare fans in the group from 18 to 80 years young.

The Ordinary & NIOD Black Fridays from 2017 – 2023

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Closed on Black Friday

The sale runs for 29 days because, on Black Friday itself, The Ordinary & NIOD shut their doors for 24 hours. Physical stores and the website. Yes, the website is completely turned off from midnight EST on the last Thursday of each month and turned back on 24 hours later.

What time does the Black Friday sale start?

Last year, 2022, the Black Friday sale started at midnight EST on the 1st of November. The year before, there were a few hiccups where the sale was live for some countries and not others.

Make sure you are a member of the Facebook Group, The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room and also sign up for the Deciem Chat Room newsletter. Sometimes we have our own exclusive offers.

The Ordinary & NIOD Black Friday 2023 Guide

Because of the uniqueness and the enormity of The Ordinary & NIOD Black Friday Sale running the whole month of November, there generally isn’t a Christmas or January sale. You will find that The Ordinary stock is incredibly low after Black Friday, so if you are looking for Christmas gifts, it’s a good time to buy during the Black Friday month.

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Products Out Of Stock

If a product is out of stock, make sure you sign up for notifications because last year, products did come back in stock. You will receive an email when it´s back, but you need to be quick!

Tips & Tricks For The Best Shopping Experience on Black Friday

  • BLACK FRIDAY 26th November 2023 – The Ordinary & NIOD close all stores and website for 24 hours.
  • Make sure you have an account with The Ordinary/NIOD and are signed in.
  • Have your credit card details already in the system for quick checkouts.
  • Paypal is quick and easy to use.
  • Buying for someone else in a different country – make sure you have the complete full address. Sometimes the website can be really tricky, particularly with addresses
  • Always check The Ordinary & NIOD Promotional page for the latest special offers.
  • If you have problems buying, try a different device, try clearing cookies or try a different browser.
  • If a product is out of stock, sign up for notifications. Products have come back in stock during the month of November

Cyber Monday

There is generally no Cyber Monday The Ordinary or NIOD but you will be able to continue to shop in the SLOVEMBER SALE until 30th November 2023.

The Ordinary & NIOD Black Friday Guide

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