NIOD PF12% Photography Fluid 12% Review

Unboxing NIOD PF12% – Photography Fluid

See the product before you buy it and the difference between NIOD PF 12% & NIOD PF8%.

NIOD PF12% Reviews

There are 2 Photography Fluids in the NIOD range. NIOD PF 12% and NIOD PF8%. NIOD PF8% has colour.

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  • When to use photography fluid 12%
  • How to use NIOD PF12%
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What is NIOD PF12%?

NIOD says Semi-Translucent Suspension of Discontinuous Pigments for a Pearlescent Skin Finish.

When to use NIOD PF12%

You can use this whenever you wish, in the morning or evening.

How to use NIOD PF12% Photography Fluid

This is one of those products whereby you need to find the way to use it that suits you best. You can use it alone or mix it in with your moisturizer. You can use it under, on top of, or mix it in with your foundation.


There are no conflicts with this product, but as always, it is recommended that you patch-test products before using them.

PAO Period after opening

Once opened, this product should be used within 6 months

Texture, Smell, Colour

If you watch the video above, you can get a good idea of the texture and colour of this product. There is a smell to this, but it doesn´t bother me.

Photos of NIOD PF12% box & instructions

NIOD PF12% Reviews
Swatches of NIOD PF12%

NIOD PF12% Reviews

Reviews are coming soon.

My thoughts: I really want to love this, but I find it very hard to use, unlike the PF 8%, which has colour. I´ve tried this in every way possible, and the glow in photos can be amazing, but once it dries, I find it breaks up and looks patch on my skin.

Some comments about NIOD PF12% on Instagram

NIOD PF12% Reviews


FAQS answered by Deciem on Social Media

Would these Photography Fluids work well under a powder foundation? As with all products, it is important to patch-test them before using them. They work well mixed with liquid foundations but can be applied before powders if desired. 

What’s the difference between this and the Hylamide Photography Foundation? NIOD PF offers a higher concentration of “hue correctors” for more of a cinematic finish. This high concentration is ideally good for mixing with other forms of makeup and for professional photography. Hylamide PF is less concentrated in hue correctors and more in surface perfecting technologies and is a balance between camera coverage and real-life visible difference for daily use. 

Which Photography Fluid 8% of 12% would you recommend mixing with the serum foundation from The Ordinary? You may use either, depending on your preference.

What´s the difference between PF 8% and PF 12%? If you watch the video at the top of this page, you can see that PF8% has colour.