The Ordinary Hemi-Squalane Reviews

The Ordinary Hemi-Squalane Reviews by the moderators of the Facebook Group & the Deciem Addicts.

Hemi-Squalane Reviews
62% of the Deciem Addicts love The Ordinary Hemi-Squalane Oil
  • What is The Ordinary Hemi-Squalane Oil and what does it do?
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What is The Ordinary Hemi-Squalane Oil and what does it do?

Hemi-Squalane is fast-absorbing, non-greasy hydration for skin and hair. Hemi-Squalane is a non-polar hydrocarbon that is produced from the fermentation of sugar-based feedstock. Squalane and Hemi-Squalane are both excellent non-comedogenic emollients that can help to reduce the ongoing loss of hydration that weakens dermal elasticity and suppleness. However, due to its low molecular weight, Hemi-Squalane has greater spreadability and leaves a light and dry after-feel, making it very suitable for reducing hair frizz.

How & do I use The Ordinary Hemi-Squalane Oil?

If you´re going to use this on your skin, just apply a few drops into the palm of your hands and apply it to your entire face as and when needed. You can use this alone or after water-based products. The big question. Do I use Hemi-Squalane before or after Natural Moisturising Factors? Normally Deciem says oils before heavy creams. However, I guess depending on who is answering their questions on social media, I´ve also seen them recommend cream followed by oil. Try both ways and see which one works for you if you wish to use both products.

Should you wish to try this in your hair, apply to damp, clean hair daily or as and when needed. There are quite a few tips on the Instagram post.

The Ordinary Hemi-Squalane Reviews
56% of the Deciem Addicts say Hemi-Squalane has improved their skin.

Reviews of The Ordinary Hemi-Squalane Oil

You can find these reviews and more on the Instagram post here and feel free to leave your own reviews and comments too.

I like it a lot! My skin is combination skin and I use it on weekends after I work out in the pool. It absorbs very fast and is gentle on the eyes & lips. I have never tried it in my hair though because it is very fine.

I didn’t like the original Squalane oil, but I really enjoy this one.

Helps the dry patches I get under my eyes and lips. I’m always in a heavy chlorinated pool and this is the last step in my night time skin routine.

Personally, I prefer the heavier Squalane. The Hemi-Squalane wasn’t very hydrating for my extremely dry skin

I love The Ordinary Hemi-Squalane. My skin is an oily-dry combo, I’m 36 male. I use it at the end of my nighttime routine, after the night moisturizer everywhere except on my nose. It takes care of my dry patches and it is the lightest oil moisturizer I know. It does not stain my sheets because I never use more than 3 drops. I also use it as my STYLING oil for my hair, which has a tendency to dry and frizz. It is just perfect.

I definitely will try on hair. I use it on my face mainly in the summer. The regular squalane is my go-to for our Canadian winters.


Why are the Hemi-Squalane ingredients listed as C13-16 Isoparaffin on the website? Hemi-Squalane is chemically known as C13-16 Isoparaffin

Would you recommend this product for very oily, acne-prone skin? Squalane and Hemi-Squalane are suitable for oily skin types. We have not tested this product on acne-prone skin. Please keep in mind that this product is not formulated to treat acne. 

Is Hemi-Squalane good dryness? This product is great for targeting signs of dryness! 

Final Thoughts On Hemi-Squalane

The Ordinary Hemi-Squalane Reviews
57% of the Deciem Addicts say they will repurchase the Hemi-Squalane Oil

62% of the Deciem Addicts love it, 56% say it has improved their skin and 57% will repurchase. At the price of just 3.95$, it´s worth a shot because you can always use on your hair if you don´t like it on your skin.

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