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First In-Person Deciem Event

First Ever In-person Event at HQ


Earlier this month, Deciem hosted its very first in-person event at HQ Toronto and some Facebook Group Members & Deciem Chat Room had this unique opportunity of attending.

First In-Person Event At Deciem HQ

A few weeks ago, I received a wonderful email from Deciem saying that they would love to invite some Toronto-based Facebook Group Members and myself to their very first in-person event at HQ, revealing a brand-new product.  The Facebook Group buzzed, and before we knew it, the event was fully booked.

Deciem HQ Toronto

The DECIEM HQ Entrance

The Deciem Invite To Facebook Group Members

The Ordinary is hosting its very first in-person event at its Toronto HQ on Saturday 2nd December, and would love to see Toronto-based members of the group there. During the event, you will hear about a new product launching next year and get to speak to the scientists who create the formulas.

First In-Person Deciem Event

The First In-Person Event Saturday, December 2nd at Deciem HQ, Toronto

I rolled up at Deciem HQ with Tracy, one of the Facebook Group moderators, at 1pm. The HQ blew us away from the get-go—it’s big and sleek, and the product design vibes are everywhere.  The building is enormous and stunning in each and every way you look.  The Deciem look and feel is everywhere.

We were escorted upstairs to where the event was taking place, which had been designed and set up especially for this event, and once again, the design, layout & presentation were beautiful, with super stylish black and white sofas.

After mingling and meeting some of the Deciem team and the fabulous members of the Facebook Group, we all took a place in our comfy seats, and each of us had a cute white The Ordinary bag. No peeking allowed—yet.

The Chit-Chat about the Mystery Product

First In-Person Deciem Event

On the panel were 4 members of staff from Deciem, including Prudvi, Chief Scientific Officer and Rita, Science Communications Manager, who you may have seen in The Ordinary & NIOD Videos on Instagram & Tik Tok.

The panel talked in depth about the new product, and finally, we were allowed to open our bags.  I cannot tell you what the new product is but what I can say is that there were a lot of impressed sounds in the room. I have been using it for a few weeks now, and it´s become an everyday staple in my skincare routine.

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The panel’s talk about the new product was incredibly insightful, they tackled some of our tough questions and also asked the audience some questions too.

One question was “How did we hear about The Ordinary?”

It was so wonderful listening and watching people as they answered this question.  The same excited look on people’s faces when they talked about when they first heard about The Ordinary and receiving their first products.  

Inside The Lab

After the product talk, it was lab time.  We suited up in the lab jackets and watched the scientists whip up the new formula.  It´s set to hit the shelves in 2024.  Even the labs are super sleek in Deciem style.

This is the new formula being made and will be available in 2024.

New The Ordinary Product 2024

New The Ordinary Product 2024

Post-Lab Hangout: Snacks, Chats, and TikTok Fun

Back in the main area, there were canapes and drinks.  There was a regimen stand for skincare questions, and everyone left with a bag full of products and more guidance on using the products. 

At the TikTok studio, guests from the event recorded and shared their The Ordinary stories.  If this content is ever used, I can guarantee these are just regular people and not actors. They were amazing.

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Meeting the Members of The Facebook Group

There was a huge timeline wall at The Ordinary event, and seeing this at the end of the timeline, made this event even more special.  It was the first in-person event at Deciem HQ.

First In-Person Deciem Event

Receiving an invitation to Deciem’s first-ever in-person event was a true honour, and being able to share this moment with members of the Facebook Group was an even greater privilege. We enjoyed an amazing day with our favourite skincare brand.

My Visit To Deciem HQ & Factory

Apart from the first IN-Person Event, I had 4 amazing days in Toronto with Deciem. I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the Deciem team and seeing what goes on behind the scenes of our favourite little 30ml bottles.  I came away thinking, “How do they sell it at these prices?”.  The amount of work that goes on behind our cute 30ml bottles is mindblowing. 

Watch my quick Instagram Film showcasing the entire trip, where I had the chance to chat with the Deciem team. I also got to explore the factory where our products are crafted and packed (no footage of this, sadly).

I’ve been a huge fan of Deciem and the products from when I discovered The Ordinary in 2017. Since my visit, my love for them has only grown stronger.


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The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room Facebook Group

Make sure you are part of The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room. Remember to check-in regularly to make sure you don´t miss out on future events.

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