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April 2022 Latest Deciem News – Hylamide, The Chemistry Brand, HIF & Abnomaly is Discontinued.

April 2022 Deciem News – Deciem discontinues 4 brands; Hylamide, The Chemistry Brand, HIF & Abnomaly.

1st April 2022 – Deciem discontinues Hylamide & 3 other brands

Nicola Kilner, CEO & Co. Founder of Deciem, is in The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room again, talking about today´s decision about Hylamide, The Chemistry Brand, HIF & Abnomaly. She also talks about what Deciem has up to and future plans.

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The lovely Nicola Kilner is in the chat room again

Deciem discontinues Hylamide, The Chemistry Brand, HIF & Abnomaly

1st April is April Fools Day for some, but this is no April Fools. Deciem released this announcement via their social media.

We once said that “focus is overrated”. 😬 As our little company has grown, we’ve discovered that focus is absolutely necessary in order to give brands the love they deserve. 9 is the last point of the numbering system, the sunset before a new horizon. As we turn 9 and move towards completing DECIEM’s first decade, we are refocusing our attention on science-first functional skincare. @niod will always be our platform for pushing the limits of science in skincare. 🧫🥼🧪And @theordinary will continue to raise communication and pricing integrity in the beauty industry. This means we will be slowly saying goodbye to HIF, Hylamide, Abnomaly, and The Chemistry Brand (you will be able to purchase from these brands until all products are gone). 🌅This new approach will power us to do more of what you love while allowing us the space to innovate with new brands in the future. Thank you for being with us for another birthday. 🎉 We look forward to celebrating a whole decade of DECIEM soon. P.S., Please tell us your favourite memories from the last 9 years of DECIEM. We’d love to reflect with you, and we’ll choose 9 of you to receive 9 DECIEM products of your choosing. ❤ P.P.S, this is not an April Fools Day joke.

Hylamide Bestsellers

Some of you may wish to stock on your favourites before they go forever. Deciem will continue to sell Hylamide until there is no more stock.

Here are the top 5 bestsellers from Hylamide

Deciem discontinues Hylamide

The Chemistry Brand 5 Bestsellers

Deciem discontinues Hylamide