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The Ordinary Mistakes – Top 10 Mistakes by the Deciem Addicts

The Ordinary Mistakes

If you have just heard about The Ordinary, I bet you´re really excited and just want to order one of everything because it all looks so cheap. Before you do, here’s the top 10 The Ordinary mistakes. Reading this will save you time, money, and stress.

1. Not Asking For A Regimen

If you’re new to The Ordinary & Deciem or skincare in general, I highly advise you to ask Deciem for a personalized routine. If you do not purchase a complete regimen you will end up with lots of products that can´t be used together. Honestly, it will save you time, money, and a lot of stress. You could have a look at some of these Deciem routines.

Ask Deciem for a regimen

2. Thinking it’s all so cheap & buying too much

When you first hear about The Ordinary you get so excited and start throwing these cute little black and white boxes into your basket because it´s so cheap. Before you know it, you’ve spent more on skincare than you ever have. Ask for a regimen! You don´t need them all and your skin won´t thank you for all these new ingredients being thrown at it.

3. Conflicting Products

Lots of The Ordinary products have conflicts and many people do not read the regimen page or instructions on The Ordinary website before buying or worse, using them. Don´t buy too many from each category or too many actives, especially if you´re new to all this.

All these products have conflicts

4. Not Patch Testing & Rushing In

You should patch test but the truth is that the majority of people do not. I ran a poll on Instagram and it was something like 85% didn´t bother. As long as you don´t have a reaction or break-out, no problem. If you pile on all the products on in one go and break-out, you will have no idea which product caused it. Patch test and introduce the products slowly.

5. Less Is More

We see lots of Instagrammers and members using tons of products in one routine. You really don´t need them all. The late Brandon Truaxe, founder of Deciem always said less is more. Let the products do their job.

6. Not Sticking To A Routine

It´s really important to stick to your routine for a good few weeks to see results. Be patient and be consistent. Many people get excited, buy way too many products and then want to use them all. Stick to a routine!

7. Not using a good SPF or staying out of the direct sun.

You can use all the products you wish but unless you invest in a really good suncream and stay out of the direct sun, you´ll be wasting your money.

8. Over-Planning Routines

I often see members really planning their routines on some amazing spreadsheets, Monday to Sunday, AM & PM. It´s great to plan but you may be disappointed. You might find you get irritation with certain products. Some products might cause products to pill. Maybe the products in your am routine do not sit well under makeup or you’re finding the products are not absorbing well. Don’t over-plan and then be disappointed.

9. Do not underestimate The Ordinary

Some of these products are really strong and we have seen some members with some really bad reactions. If a product says “not to be used on compromised skin” then do not use on compromised skin. If a product says “avoid direct sun”, then avoid direct sun. If a product says “avoid eyes” then please avoid the eyes especially when using/rinsing off the AHA 30%. Some of these products can make your skin sensitive to the sun and you do not want to be adding melasma or pigmentation to your list of skin concerns if it’s not there already.

10. Not Reading The Basics

It still surprises me that many people don´t know or look around the official Deciem website. Some may buy from other stockists so they don´t even know about or any of the fantastic pages within it. Read the instructions for each product. Look at the regimen page. Read and learn and if you still don´t understand come and join the Facebook Group and chat with the Deciem Addicts.


The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room was created because I was totally addicted and I personally know all about these mistakes. The Ordinary is an amazing brand and has given everyone the opportunity to try ingredients that were never available before.

The skincare community on Facebook and Instagram is fantastic. Enjoy your new skincare journey, read, learn, and don´t be scared to ask questions. You never know where your new skincare journey will take you.