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The Ordinary For Perioral Dermatitis – Is Toothpaste The Cause?

The Ordinary Products For Perioral Dermatitis. Is toothpaste one of the causes?

This is my personal experience and not a professional opinion.

The Short Story…

My skin has been painful around the mouth and chin area for over a month. My friend Nia said she thought it was Perioral Dermatitis. I bought some cream and also changed toothpaste to a “free from everything” one to try.

I went back to basics;

  • Stopped using Colgate Toothpaste Fresh Gel
  • Washed with just water where possible and sometimes a small amount of The Ordinary Glucoside Foaming Cleanser.
  • Used the cream the chemist provided called Dermaveel (in Spain).
  • Literally, within a day or two, I could feel a huge difference. The burning sensation had gone.
  • I then started using The Aloe 2% + NAG 2% twice daily. I have also ordered the new pink serum, as someone in the Facebook Group said this was amazing for her Perioral Dermatitis.
  • Before and after photo – The top photo was taken on 29th September, and the bottom photo was taken on October 5th.
The Ordinary & Perioral Dermatitis

Do not use this photo without permission.

The longer story of my Perioral Dermatitis, The Ordinary & Colgate Toothpaste

Is toothpaste causing my dermatitis?

My skin has been bad since about mid-late August. I was in Madrid, it was boiling hot and I remember my skin was so sore that even moisturiser was stinging. I was so uncomfortable; it looked awful, and I couldn’t even wear makeup to cover it as everything irritated me.

Menopause + Skin

I am going through the change -. The lovely menopause, which has a lot to answer for! I have gone from always being chilly to boiling hot all the time. My face constantly dripped with sweat, so I thought this could have been the cause.

After showing my friend and moderator of the Deciem Chat Room Facebook Group Nia Patten from Nia Patten Looks a photo of my skin, she said it looked like Perioral Dermatitis.

Off to the pharmacy, I go!

I asked the pharmacy for a cream for perioral dermatitis, although the Pharmacist said he thought it was herpes. I trusted Nia and went for the cream for dermatitis and said if it doesn’t start cleaning up in a few days, I´ll return and try something else. He gave me a cream called Dermaveel.

The spots are only around my mouth.

As the problematic area was only around my mouth, I felt I better change my toothpaste, too. I have had this problem in the past, but not this bad. So I went for a natural toothpaste, free from everything to try.

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Before & After Photo – Removing Colgate Toothpaste

The top photo was taken on 29th September, and the bottom photo was taken on October 5th. My skin is not perfect, but what a difference! The stinging/burning sensation has gone. In fact, the stinging/burning sensation went within a day or two.

The Ordinary & Perioral Dermatitis

Do not use this photo without permission

Top photo taken 29th September. The bottom photo was taken on October 5th.

My Routine Using The Ordinary For Perioral Dermatitis

  • First thing first – stop using Colgate Fresh Gel
  • I started using the new natural toothpaste and carefully rinsed the area after brushing my teeth.
  • Used the cream from the pharmacy 3 times a day for a few days.
  • Cleansing – I washed with just water and used a small amount of The Ordinary Glucoside Foaming Cleanser when I felt I needed it.
  • Someone mentioned on Instagram that The Ordinary Aloe 2% + NAG helped their Perioral Dermatitis. So have been using this twice a day, and it feels lovely on the skin, although I do find it sticky.
  • I have also purchased the new Soothing and Barrier Support Pink Serum, as someone on the Facebook Group said it has really helped them.
  • There is a HUGE difference in the way my skin looks and feels. It’s not perfect, but it’s 1000 times better in such a short amount of time.

The Ordinary & NIOD Products For Skin Repair, Redness & Calming

You can read more about Skin Barrier & The Ordinary here.

Some Tips

  • Go back to basics. Stop using all products and makeup.
  • If the problematic area is around the mouth and chin – change your toothpaste just to see if there is a difference.
  • Do you cleanse your face and then brush your teeth, or brush your teeth and then cleanse your face? If you cleanse and then brush, maybe switch it around so you remove all the toothpaste from your skin.
  • If you have the same around your forehead, face, or neck – take a look at your hair products. Shampoo, conditioner, hair styling products.
  • Speak to a professional if possible, but also talk to friends and colleagues. Sometimes the answer to our problems is a really simple one, and we just can’t see the obvious.

Allergy to fragrance

I don’t want to veer off the subject of Perioral Dermatitis, but I really want to let you know that for years I literally made myself sick by using perfumes and products that smelt nice, drinking certain drinks and eating certain foods.

Room sprays, diffusers, perfumes, cleaning products etc can make me so unwell that I have had to go to bed for days. From my early teens, I would go to parties, and my nose would be totally blocked up, and I would feel absolutely lousy. It took me nearly 30 years to learn that it was white wine and champagne. Just be aware that simple things like toothpaste, shampoos, perfumes, food and drink, and, of course, stress can affect our skin and health.

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