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The Ordinary is pilling/flaking

Skincare Pilling/Flaking

Does it drive you mad when The Ordinary is pilling/flaking? You apply all your products and then suddenly you have bits coming off. This is the product pilling.

Some quick tips on how to prevent skincare products pilling/flaking/balling-up

  • Use less product
  • Make sure each product is completely absorbed
  • Reduce the number of products in each routine
  • Pat rather than rub

The Ordinary & Skincare Pilling/Flaking/Balling-Up

You’ve cleansed and prepped your skin and you´re ready to start layering all your products. You start with The Ordinary Buffet, followed by Alpha Arbutin, Niacinamide and Natural Moisturising Factors. You go to apply your spf and makeup and suddenly you have these disgusting, manky bits hanging off your skin like you haven´t washed in months.

It’s not your skin, don’t panic! It’s not dirt either. It’s The Ordinary product pilling. I used to get this a lot and one company, (not Deciem) told me it was my skin and that it had to adjust to the products. I knew it wasn´t my skin.

Skincare product/pilling/balling-up feels horrible, and unless you’re going to bed or happy to live with the bits, you have to start your routine all over.

What Causes Product Pilling?

  • Using too much product
  • Not allowing each layer to absorb fully before applying the next
  • Using too many products in your routine
  • Mix of ingredients
  • Make sure the foundation of your skin is good. Cleansed and exfoliated.

What can I do to stop The Ordinary pilling/flaking?

  1. Use less of the product. If you are using 3 drops, use 1 or 2.
  2. Apply the product to your face and make sure it is completely absorbed into your skin before applying the next product.
  3. You can try patting rather than rubbing but still make sure each layer is fully absorbed.
  4. Use fewer products in your routine. Less is more.
  5. Make sure you layer your products in the correct order.
  6. There´s no set time to wait between layers, but if you can find something to do like read a page of your book, then go do that.

The Ordinary products I personally found pilled badly.

How did I fix my pilling?

  • I used a lot less product. Obviously, we all have different size faces. I have a small face and really only needed 2 drops.
  • Cut down the number of products I was using in one routine.
  • I really love Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution and Azelaic Acid but they did pill so I would use these alone. Yes, it´s ok to apply just one product!
  • I patted the product in and waited a minute or 2 before applying other products.
Ask Deciem for a regimen

Morning Routine Pilling/Flaking Makeup & Sun Cream

During the day if I was going to be applying suncream and makeup I would use the minimal amount of skincare products. Skincare, suncream, primer and foundation was just too much. I personally hated the feeling of it all during the day, so sometimes I would just use one serum and then really concentrate on my evening routine.

You don’t always have to layer!

We see lots of Instagrammers and members in the Facebook Group with their extensive routines. Cleansers – exfoliate – hydration mist – 3 serums -eye cream – antioxidant – retinol and moisturiser. The truth is you do not need to use all these products and your skin can only tolerate so much. Less is more.

The Ordinary Pilling/Flaking

If you have tried everything and still experience pilling/flaking with your skincare, come and chat with the #deciemaddicts in the Facebook Group.