The Ordinary Concealers, By Deciem

Yes, it´s true! Nicola Kilner, CEO of Deciem said it herself in a fabulous podcast with Glossy. The Ordinary, Deciem will be making concealers.

Deciem Concealers Coming Soon

The Ordinary, Deciem Concealers
The Nicola Kilner Podcast with
Click here to listen to the Nicola Kilner Podcast with Glossy.

In the interview with Glossy, Nicola confirms that Deciem are going to be bringing out concealers in the future. If you´re a #deciemaddict, then you will know that when Deciem say “future”, this could literally be years. Will moan and constantly ask Deciem “when are the concealers coming” on Instagram. They will say “very soon” with a heart and a smile and we will just wait and wait then go absolutely crazy the second they come out.

Deciem will stop at concealers because makeup isn´t something they want to go into. So far there are 2 foundations in The Ordinary range, Coverage and Serum, NIOD Photography Fluid in 12% & 8% and Hylamide Photography Foundation range. You can read reviews here.

In my opinion, a good concealer is the most important piece of makeup. A little concealer can do so much. As I´m getting older, I´m finding it harder and harder to find a good concealer, one that doesn´t sit in the creases, crack or make me look older than I actually am. Then there´s the challenge of getting the right shade. Get the shade slightly wrong, and it can make you look awful. Sometimes, I find just using a tiny amount not too close to the eye or leaving it out altogether works better.

I can’t wait to get my hands on these concealers, but realistically we could be waiting quite a while. In the meantime, if you are looking for concealer ideas, come and chat on the Deciem Chat Room Instagram Concealer Post, in the Facebook Group on or Deciem Chat Room Page. There are some great suggestions on these posts.

In the podcast, Nicola Kilner also talks about their new baby brand, Hippooh, the body brand, Loopha and of course the late Brandon Truaxe. It´s a great podcast. Make sure you listen to it.

Brandon Truaxe, the founder of Deciem who sadly died January 2018