The Ordinary Concealers, By Deciem

Yes, it´s true! Nicola Kilner, CEO of Deciem said it herself in the fabulous podcasts with Glossy and Beauty IQ Uncensored. Deciem will be making The Ordinary concealers in 21 shades.

Deciem Concealers Coming Soon

The Ordinary, Deciem Concealers
The Nicola Kilner Podcast with & Beauty IQ Uncensored
Click here to listen to the Nicola Kilner Podcast with Glossy.

In the interviews with Glossy and Beauty IQ Uncensored, Nicola Kilner confirms that Deciem is going to be bringing out The Ordinary Concealers by the end of the year.

The new concealers will be available in 21 different shades, just like their foundations, and will be highly pigmented. She also says it´s going to be a great product for your handbag and that The Ordinary Concealers will cost under 10$AUD.

Nicola Kilner says that Deciem will stop at concealers because makeup isn´t something they want to go into. So far there are 2 types of foundations in The Ordinary range, Coverage and Serum. Other makeup type products include NIOD Photography Fluid in 12% & 8% and Hylamide Photography Foundation range. You can read reviews here.

In my opinion, a good concealer is the most important piece of makeup, a little can do so much. As I´m getting older, I´m finding it harder and harder to find a really good concealer, one that gives good coverage but still looks natural. Also, one that doesn´t sit in the creases, crack or make me look older than I actually am, so I´m really looking forward to trying these.

When will The Ordinary concealers be launched?

Nicola Kilner says they should be available by the end of the year (2019).

How much are The Ordinary concealers?

They will be under 10$ AUD.

New Deciem Products Coming

In the podcasts, Nicola Kilner also talks about their new baby brand, Hippooh, the body brand Loopha and new sun creams factor 30 and 50 which are due to be released in April 2020.

There´s also some good news for Australian and Canadian Deciem Addicts. Due to the restrictions on the AHA 30% in your countries, Deciem have a brand new masque coming out, The Ordinary Pomegranate & Willow Bark Masque. This will have similar effects as the AHA 30% and will be available worldwide.

Nicola Kilner´s Favourite Products

Nicola Kilner talks about her favorite products and you can really hear her passion for Copper Peptides and how it´s all about the long term effect. Her general routine would be NIOD CAIS followed by NIOD MMHC2 not forgetting the NIOD FECC. When she’s traveling she uses Buffet + Copper peptides as it has everything in it. She also uses Rose Hip Seed Oil and a drop of Sea- Buckthorn Oil.

The late Brandon Truaxe, the founder of Deciem, was also mentioned by Nicola Kilner as she spoke briefly about what happened and the difficult times they all went through in 2018.

Find Deciem Chat Room on Instagram & Facebook

Whilst we wait for The Ordinary to launch their concealers, you can find lots of concealer ideas on the Deciem Chat Room Instagram Concealer Post, in the Facebook Group on or Deciem Chat Room Page. There are some great suggestions on these posts.

Brandon Truaxe, the founder of Deciem who sadly died January 2018