Unboxing The Ordinary

Unboxing The Ordinary

Unboxing The Ordinary, NIOD, Hylamide

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Have you ever wondered what a product would look and feel like, only to be completely surprised by its colour and consistency?

I have, and because of this, I want to show you as much of the product as possible before buying it.

This was the case for me with The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Hair serum, which I really didn´t expect to be as watery as it is. Hylamide C25, Pycnogenol and Hemi-Squalane were also rather surprising.

Unboxing The Ordinary & Deciem

Unboxing The Ordinary

I hope that being able to see the product will help you make your decision. You may prefer thinner oils to thicker ones. You may prefer water-based products over oil solutions.

Authentic Products

These products have all been purchased directly from Deciem, so it´s also a good way to see if your product is authentic should you have any concerns.

The links will take you directly through to the product page, and if you scroll towards the bottom of the page, you will see the unboxing video. If you choose to go through to the Instagram post, you can talk directly with other people leaving reviews on that product. Feel free to leave your own reviews.


The Ordinary Regimens

You can find lots of The Ordinary regimens/routines here, and you can also use the regimen builder on the Deciem website.