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The Ordinary Vs NIOD

On this page, you can find The Ordinary Vs NIOD. All the different Hyaluronic Acid Products, Acids, Vitamin C Products, Masques and more from The Ordinary & NIOD. Find the equivalents from each brand. Don´t feel you have to buy everything from one brand; you can mix and match The Ordinary with NIOD and any other brands.

Some people love to spend money on cleansers, while others feel they´d rather spend money on their serums and moisturizers. Buy whatever you want. Just remember there are only so many days in the week, and you only have one face. NIOD products have a period after opening of 6 months. The Ordinary ranges from 3 months to 12. So bear this in mind when buying.

The Ordinary Vs NIOD

The OrdinaryNIOD
Multi-Peptide Serum + HA

Multi-Peptide Serum + Copper Peptides
CAIS Copper Amino Isolate Serum
CAIL Copper Amino Isolate Lipid

Hyaluronic Acid
Marine Hyaluronics
MMHC2 Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex
Eye Products
Caffeine Solution
Multi-Peptide Eye Serum
Eye Products
FECC Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate
Glucoside Foaming Cleanser
Glycolipid Cream Cleanser
Squalane Cleanser
LVCE Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester
SS Sanskrit Saponins
No Mist
SDSM2 Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist
Salicylic Acid Masque
AHA 30% Peeling Solution
FM Flavanone Mud
Myrrh Clay Mask
Milky Toner
Glycolic Acid
Non-Acid Acid Precursor
Calming Products
Soothing & Barrier Support Serum
MG Modulating Glucosides
Niacinamide/Pores Products
Niacinamide Powder
NIOD Pore Products
Mastic Must – this is a masque that reduces the look of pores. Not a serum
Vitamin C
L-Ascorbic Acid Powder
Ethylated Ascorbic Acid
Vitamin C 23% 
Ascorbyl Glucoside 
Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate
NIOD Vitamin C Products
ELAN Ethylated Ascorbic Acid Network
Glycolic Acid
Mandelic Acid
Lactic Acid 5%
Lactic Acid 10%
AHA 30% + BHA 2%
Salicylic Acid 2%
Salicylic Acid Anhydrous Solution
Salicylic Acid Masque
NIOD Acid/Non-Acid Products
NAAP Non-Acid Acid Precusor

EUK 134
Resveratrol & Ferulic Acid
Survival 0, 10, 20 & 30

The Ordinary SPF
SS Survival 10, 20 & 30

About The Ordinary

The Ordinary has around 50 products. These include acids, vitamin C, retinol, peptides, antioxidants, oils/hydration and primers.

The Ordinary names are simply the ingredients and allow us to decide precisely what we put on our skin to target our skin concerns. If you find it all confusing, it is best to ask for a regimen or look through all these Ordinary skincare routines.

The Ordinary is an evolving collection of treatments offering familiar, effective clinical technologies positioned to raise pricing and communication integrity in skincare. The brand was created to celebrate integrity in its most humble and true form. The Ordinary is born to disallow commodity to be disguised as ingenuity. The Ordinary is “Clinical formulations with integrity”. – The Ordinary

About NIOD

NIOD stands for Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science. These words are by Brandon Truaxe, the late founder of NIOD.

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In the business of beauty, perception is more powerful than reality and it is for this reason that brands—especially those in functional beauty—prioritize what they say ahead of what they do. The science of skin health has evolved vastly—truly advanced technologies exist today that are very complex to use and even more complex to explain. Our humility and persistence have allowed us to create NIOD with only a single genetic commitment—to be at the very edge of science without regard to brands, trends, criticisms and words. Commitment means that NIOD will always have a very narrow audience that appreciates a genuine commitment to true quality and innovation—an audience not inspired by marketing or pricing strategies, but instead by truth and accountability.” –Brandon Truaxe, NIOD Founder

The Ordinary Routines & Regimens

You can find many personalized The Ordinary skincare routines here and more of The Ordinary Routines here.

The Ordinary vs NIOD

We hope you found The Ordinary Vs NIOD useful. On that note, we invite you to share your personal experiences of The Ordinary & NIOD. Join the conversation and become a part of our community in The Deciem Chat Room.

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